By aprilfools22 - 17/08/2011 08:13 - United States

Today, I got my tongue pierced, then went to a pet store. A clerk came up to ask if I needed help. I showed him I already had some fish, and said, "No thanks." He must have thought I was "special," as he bent down and in a baby voice, said "You got fishy? FISHY FISHY FISHY!" while poking the bag. FML
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Who wants a Fishy! You do! You want a fishy!



haha well that stinks..

I don't understand whatsoever

when ppl get tongue piercings they don't articulate for a few days to a week aha so she probably sounded like she couldn't talk well in a "special" way

LoveKeepsGoing 7

When you get your tongue pierced at first its a bit difficult to talk, so your voice sounds kinda sped like.

Ohhh I get it now you talked funny because of your tongue sorry I'm slow.

flockz 19

12- you want a fishy? a fishy fishy fishy?

what made him think that?

-15 YESH!!!! I want fishyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

I thinks evilpotato wants fishys tooo


you've obviously never got your dick suck from a girl with a tongue piercing. Rookie.

eminemchick 19

^how did this conversation turn to dick?

LiveLaughFML 10

haha, I think the clerk was "special." i mean, that's what his mother told him growing up(:

juicedboi 7

Did anyone else try saying no thanks with a lisp? No? Just me then? Great...

21 you should've said n00bz, then your comment would've been "perfect" (well... in it's own little way). :D

OP, hit him with the bag and shout " how about you have a little fish!"

-57 You had a thumbs down? I fear for how long humanity shall survive the apocolypse.

ok, so firstly, why were you carrying pet fish around with you while you went to get your tongue pierced??

manatees_r_epic 0

I feel like an idiot now.. By the way- "no thankths"...

aprilfools22 11

lol actually, I did... again.

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lmao anyone seen pablo fransico?

that she sounded weird from percing.

"that's a lot of fish." - Stetapolous (Godzilla 1998)


They should put that in a childrens movie!

Lol he sounds awesome!

Doesn't the creepy kid in Finding Nemo say something like that?

wait. what was the point of op telling us about feeting their tongue pierced?

Xtra_Cheddar 3

What does getting your tongue pierced have to do with anything?

Who wants a Fishy! You do! You want a fishy!

sxe_beast 11

I want a Fishy!

none for Gretchen Wieners

eminemchick 19

ah the floating bra from icarly!

elmogoezRAWR 0

OSHI- ruuuuuuun!!!!

This offer seems fishy.

Well u just got ur tongue pierced so either u sound really stupid or maybe ur just retarded for getting a piercing through ur tongue

raelynn00 4

How is that retarded? It's perfectly safe unless ur a complete moron. Iv had mine done for 2 years a no complications at all I love it.

60 - He/she was referring how you just payed $60 to put a bead on your tongue and talk like you have downs... But, of course you wouldn't have caught that.

Hm, 73, if I married people based upon their comebacks, you'd probably be in my pants right now, js.

If you play with it too much, it erodes away at the gum line and tooth enamel. Of course, if you can avoid playing with it, that's not an issue. But if you can avoid playing with it, why bother getting it in the first place? Answer: Freudian oral fixation!

ShroomsOnAcid 16

Well, anything you do at all in your daily life can be dangerous. Some piercings are definitely worth it. You're taking a bit of a risk even with a good piercer, but to call someone an idiot just because they took a risk is perhaps even more idiotic than the risk they took.

Some people just like the style . Life is too short to be living too cautiously . Chill out.

Idk, something about this story sounds fishy... #giggity!

84, really now? Before I start MY story, let me make it clear that I am now clean, however; I've repierced my OWN tongue 6 times now. One of those times, I was heavily under the influence of MDMA and literally stuck at least 20 holes through my tongue, at one time, trying to get the right spot. I think it's pretty damn safe.

I get that you're probably being [somewhat] sarcastic, but that is still a ridiculous statement. Body modification of many kinds is becoming far more acceptable, and there are many intelligent people who get them, including tongue piercings. Personal choices such as having a professional modify one's flesh with piercings, ink, or otherwise is hardly something that reflects upon intelligence; modification professionals are trained to do exactly this, thus minimizing the risk. I actually recommend you get something akin to a troll tattooed on your forehead. It seems like it might be a good look for you. While some modifications are difficult to hide in a professional setting, such as tattoos on the face and hands, others are extremely easy to conceal. For all we know, the OP is a brilliant professional who excels in his or her field and intends to use a retainer during business hours.

what kind fishy fishy u got?.lol

i couldnt talk for three days when i peirced mine

krazy_glu3 0

I talked normal and my tongue was never swollen. Changed the bar after one week.

oarisimo 4

58- good for you...?

LittleRRed 5

Fishy fishy fishy!!

The_FMLs 0

A fishy fishy fishy!

So it was more of a "No thanksth" ?

IndiRae 9

I was imagining the tongue piercing completely disabled OP from speaking normally, and that "No thanks" sound more like "I got no need more fish. Herp." That's just me though.

I guess so but you'd still make out the "no thanks" but it would sound weird ( hence why the guy may have thought she was 'special') :)

indirae, I just stalked you. youre on my 'cool' list :)

76, You're on my "cool list".

kawaiianime 5

I would have slapped him...

With the fishy fishy??

Just for this comment and for others i read, this fml is going to favorites

bizarre_ftw 21

Lol now that I think of it I probably would too lol!! Cuz, given the guy thinks op is mentally unwell, a person in that situation could get away with A Lot!!! Including becoming obviously composed on their way out and waving with a jackass smile on their face when the person couldn't do anything about it

YDI for getting your tongue pierced. That's gross and uncool.


Your stupid.

It's "you are" or "you're".

Do you only care about gettin your dick sucked?

If I'm stupid, then you must be much further down the intelligence ladder than "stupid", #25.

#19, keep your close minded opinions to yourself.

Taylorrr005 0

Totally agreed

raelynn00 4

Ur response to being called stupid reminded me of back in pre-k where we would respond with "I know u r but what am I" haha good job proving their point. It's one of the most common piercings I personally hav mine done and hav had it done for over 2 years. I love it and most others do also they're curious about it.

I'd say your partner is the one who truly enjoys your piercing... If yah know what I mean (;

Why does my intelligence keep being insulted by those who fail at using the English language? You'd think people would know their place.


who the **** cares if it your or you're. ******* clown.

canadian fight

gmc_blossom 21

I agree. Most people who call others "stupid" or "retarded" say it like, "ur soooo stoopid and retarted!" I fail to understand how that person is any smarter than the one they're calling unintelligent. *Sigh* Some people..

gmc_blossom 21

That was meant for 70, by the way. I forgot to put who it was for. >_>

a_lenzmeier 11

Just wait until you meet a girl with a tongue ring #19. Someday, you will understand the glory of it.

#94 Bahaha, agreed.

alisakittykat 0

It actually is "your" get your facts straight

140- "your" is possessive and in the sentence "your stupid" it would mean stupid belonging to him as opposed to "you're stupid" which means that he has the characteristic of stupid.

whisperingeye13 0

it feels great when your getting your dick sucked. not so uncool after all sir.

Tongue piercings are predominantly for oral sex, just as genital piercings are for sex and foreplay. Are you saying oral sex is gross and uncool? Wow... just wow. Are you a virgin or something? BTW guys with tongue piercings are ******* hot. Best. Piercing. A guy. Can get. EVER. Especially when he puts it to good use.

I normally don't like piercings, but i have to agree, kissing a girl with a tounge piercing, were without exageration the best kisses i ever got. And out of respect, i'm not mencioning the other uses

Nothing wrong with tongue piercings