By Anonymous - 08/08/2011 07:16 - United States

Today, I discovered the reason my favorite stick of deodorant hasn't smelled right for the past two weeks. My dad uses it on his butt crack and balls "to clean up the stank". FML
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Nothing like the smell of musky ball sweat on your armpits all day

LolMoqz 10

God Damn.


Nothing like the smell of musky ball sweat on your armpits all day

MutantNinja 0

maybe that's what the spice in old spice is...

If I was a boy, I'd get my father back by rubbing my balls all over his utensils before he ate ...

yeah, id use his toothbrush to wash my manparts. jus' saying.

konot9 1

As long as your mom didn't use it for her nasty vagina, it's not that bad.

dani212 0

*gag* ... That's really all there is to say

use his haircomber on your pubics!

20- are those turtle beach x11's?

37 she also looks shirtless

VasilisaUzhasnaj 29

Or she's wearing a friggin tube top

Damn_Hippster 11

Your dad is a champion!

I don't want to discuss the naked lady with headphones I came here to talk about ASS DEODORANT!!!

51- Deodorant for your ass is an interesting idea. "Need to remove that funk in your trunk? Use [insert deodorant brand] new butt deodorant!"

So its been 2 weeks and you couldn't tell the difference in smell between your favorite stick of deoderant and your das ass? So if i am correct I assume that either you liked the smell for the past two weeks or that your das ass smell pretty similar to the deoderant ;) FYL

how did OP even figure this out? did he walk in on his dad rubbing his deodorant on his junk or something? as for the girl who seems to be wearing nothing more than a gaming headset. you will make some geek very happy some day ;)

I guess daddy got that stank

61- I think he quoted it becauase thats what his father might have told him. (If that happened his father must be a real bitch) As for the girl with the headset and no top what xbox game were you playing?

Prankster7o7 5

Hahaha, just buy a new stick of deodorant, not that damn hard.

eminemchick 19

remove dat funk! use ass&nuts deodorant on ur junk and trunk, then ull be smellin fresh, playa! damn..way to similar to a head&shoulders commercial.-.-

swimchica22 0

Well at least your dad has a nice smelling ass?

stacianichole 2

It already exists. It's called Anti-Monkey Butt. True story. Google it.

and it took you two weeks to figure this out??

daysgoby902 6

I went on date with this guy when we went back to his place to watch a movie I found a dozen cans of monkey butt I laughed about it and he told me that he used to use deodorant on his ass before his mom bought him the monkey butt. Winning!

eminemchick 19

123-cool story, charlie sheen

duckman9 55

hey, a dildo with deodorant features.. now thats a good idea!

SirObvious 1

Soooo...does it work?

23- that'd be painful!

iluvboobies 9

OP, queef on your dad's toothbrush. That will show him!

koolkat27 13

57- how would op know what his dad's ass crack smells like?

Don't forget the bootysweat!

176- All I am saying is it would have smelt different

KiddNYC1O 20

Sphinctery fresh.

Yes, they are turtle beaches :) glad you noticed .. And yes, I am wearing a top .. It just doesn't have sleeves.

*waits for my fellow geeklings to swarm back because pretty girls DO play video games*

JizzKhalifa 0

Why would anybody be sniffing your ass anyway?

LolMoqz 10

God Damn.

You need more creativity in this comment. Instead of "god damn" say "what a shitty situation to be in"

LolMoqz 10

No thanks. I'll just be myself. No need to try to be "cool" and make a pun.

now you know what to get him for christmas

exactly what i was going to say.


i wonder what his dad thought to himself when he first did it. Ohh look (he piks it up and smells it) there is somerhing wrong with that smell, (talks about both) so he whiped it and never had a sweaty butt ever again

CookieMonstr19 0

Why the hell do you guys use the same deodorant!!

darebear331 4

Sounds like a stinky situation! (get it?)

KiddNYC1O 20

Just don't...

Dude that's seriously nasty

You stink, 195. You get it? It means you suck.

Waltman217 0


Shave off the top and keep using it.

What a shitty situation to be in.

ihatemekay 6

i agree

I don't know about OP but I could boil that deodorant and I still wouldn't be able to use it. Just the thought... Gross.

SpaceMan55 1

Please tell me he didn't put the deoderant up to his nose.

duckman9 55

and put the shavings into his food? :) thats only fair!

...that's not even funny.

wiredream 0

eew throw it away noooww D:

heartbrakej 0

watch the throne!! just bought the digital album this morning!

oy vey schmeer

arielzbkny 0

I love ur profile pic!

heartbrakej 0

Well what should he use then?

Looks like it's come to the point that you have to state if it's sarcasm at the end of each comment, because there are some people out there who just can't understand it automatically.

Well, since we can't hear you, it's hard to determine if it's sarcasm or not

Ins0mau 20

This is the Internet. It is full of genuinely moronic comments. How do we differentiate those from sarcasm?

there are also a LOT of idiots who get mistaken for being sacastic instead of what they are and always will be.

Soap. A shower. Just brainstorming here.

skata 4

axe ball cleaner?

androiddestroya 7

win ^^

That thing hurts like a mo-fo!

That could be a pleasant aroma who knows?

haydenbro03 4

hey 7, shut the fuck up.

immja 0

seriously, what 3 said, not that hard

madibrielle212 0

The germs would still be in the deodorant. Throw it away or let him keep it and buy a new one.

Moonditch_fml 19

Yuck! You should probably hide your future sticks of deodorant from now on...

wtftoria 1

Thats just wrong. Pee on his toothbrush.

ItsAllBeenDone 0

because peeing on his fathers toothbrush is totally right.

Because wiping his sons deodorant on his ass and balls is totally right.

Sweej 1

Pee on his toothbrush? The guy wiped his ASS... I say take a dump on his toothbrush... And while you're at it, put a fucking sticking note on his back everyday that says "I wipe my ass with deodorant everyday."