By Anonymous / Monday 8 August 2011 07:16 / United States
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  CarsAndMoney  |  5

So its been 2 weeks and you couldn't tell the difference in smell between your favorite stick of deoderant and your das ass? So if i am correct I assume that either you liked the smell for the past two weeks or that your das ass smell pretty similar to the deoderant ;) FYL

  Drigr  |  8

how did OP even figure this out? did he walk in on his dad rubbing his deodorant on his junk or something?

as for the girl who seems to be wearing nothing more than a gaming headset. you will make some geek very happy some day ;)

  CarsAndMoney  |  5

61- I think he quoted it becauase thats what his father might have told him. (If that happened his father must be a real bitch) As for the girl with the headset and no top what xbox game were you playing?

  daysgoby902  |  6

I went on date with this guy when we went back to his place to watch a movie I found a dozen cans of monkey butt I laughed about it and he told me that he used to use deodorant on his ass before his mom bought him the monkey butt. Winning!

  ATLBOI770  |  0

i wonder what his dad thought to himself when he first did it. Ohh look (he piks it up and smells it) there is somerhing wrong with that smell, (talks about both) so he whiped it and never had a sweaty butt ever again

  ambowew  |  7

Looks like it's come to the point that you have to state if it's sarcasm at the end of each comment, because there are some people out there who just can't understand it automatically.

  Sweej  |  1

Pee on his toothbrush? The guy wiped his ASS... I say take a dump on his toothbrush... And while you're at it, put a fucking sticking note on his back everyday that says "I wipe my ass with deodorant everyday."

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