By mhm - 06/05/2012 02:21 - Canada - Woodbridge

Today, on the bus, I caught the eye of this ugly, sweaty girl giving me a death stare through the driver's mirror. I gave her a death stare back. Only then I realized I was staring at myself. FML
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Damn you is as illiterate as a doorknob

Where's TLC's What Not to Wear when you need em?

I meant a doorknob once, he was quite the literary mastermind

Where's TLC's What Not to Wear when you need em?

18- i suppose you meant met not meant :)

22- you talking to me? Because you make no sense.

no, the mods took down previous comments, therefore making my comment seem pointless

Time to buy a mirror. If OP couldn't recognize herself in the mirror, then there are bigger problems than a few beads of sweat.

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Maybe she's got that disorder where you can't recognize faces O_O

50- I read your comment in the Cheshire cat's voice because of your profile picture. And the expression on his face looks like the face at the end of your comment.

Congrats OP; you were barely able to accomplish what Elephants, Apes, and Dolphins are all readily able to do.

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She has the countenance equivalent to the death stare. That's not attractive on anyone

You know who's beautiful? Re read the first word(:

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You know who's beautiful? Don't read the first word again because it's Benedict Cumberbatch. Peasant.

I'd say something funny, but that's just so sad, all I can really say is sorry, OP

I wanna thumb you up but I don't wanna ruin the 69

Well it's at 81 now do you can do it.

I ruined 100 but it was too funny not to thumb

Time for OP to start getting drunk....

Op, I think becca here may be stalking you

Excuse me for not being as rude as the rest of these people. God forbid someone on this site actually be nice to someone else. Is it so bad that I wanted to give someone (whose already had a shitty day) a compliment?

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shut up. you don't know me.

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Your an idiot don't you see becca is trying to be nice how about you try that for once?!

Becca's comment may have been well-intentioned, but lying to someone about their looks for the sake of sparing one's feelings is worse. If OP doesn't like what she sees in a mirror, then she /should/ take some pride in herself and do something different than what she's already doing. If weight is a problem, then researching some diets and practicing some exercises would benefit her tremendously. If it's about her visage or countenance, some armchair cosmetology wouldn't hurt, either. Yes, everybody's beautiful in their own way; what's more important is if they're truly comfortable with themselves. Apparently, OP isn't.

*You're. You should probably learn the difference between 'you're' and 'your' before you start calling people idiots.

I should also add that flockz was adding a little irony to the situation. "God forbid someone be nice on this site..." "shut up. You don't know me." Get it now? Or is one of the casualties of this situation people's sense of humor?

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How long did you stare at and berate yourself until you realized it was your reflection? I understand it for about a second, but OP makes it sound like she had a staring contest with herself for a while.

How did she not notice the girl was wearing the exact same clothes and was sitting in the exact same position? Must have been pretty weird when she realised it was herself.

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You obviously wrote this for attention.. So here you go! :|