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Teetering on the brink, searching for a home How many days can a fuckin' cloud hover over a city! Fuck Obama, fuck FATCA, fuck USCIS, fuck the Republicans and fuck the Democrats, fuck the liberals and the libertarians. Fuck the matrix. Fuck terrorism and fuck Russia, Iran and North Korea, fuck Syria, fuck ISIS and ISIL Oh and fuck Obama again, fuck Iraq. Fuck the Frankfort school, fuck Team B.1 And Team B.2. Fuck things that are Green, renewable, sustainable and biodegradable, fuck the glaciers, and the melting polar ice sheets, fuck Geico, liberty mutual, progressive and State Farm. Fuck EY and fuck PWC. Fuck stand your ground, Furgison MO, and white guilt. Fuck Wholefoods and the narcissistic self centered business moguls who run it and think that it's moral to sell 1lb of lettuce for $8.99. Fuck morality anyway and fuck Kant. Fuck religion, collectively, selectively and publicly with all its manifestations and zeal. If you think that I'm an angry person, you missed the point!

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Ahahah some of the comments here are pretty funny...but some are pretty off...you weirdos