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He probably meant on his.

Aww, someone has a secret admirer. Too bad, they're rude.


Someone wants you to chock on THEIR big fat cock, to most people that's an insult... Or an open invitation to enjoy big fat cock.

Clearly #1 was so excited to be the first comment, they couldn't think of anything better to say.

In German that's how they say they love you

Well, the Germans are famous for their sausages...

22 - Or, you know, they just actually found the FML funny.

#20 - Chock. That's new.. How does one do this thing you call chock?

You should of known the letter would be bad since it had a big swastika in the front...

German is the language of love

Leave it to google turn a cute, innocent thing like a image of a doggie or a translation of a cute letter into something straight out of a porno gone wrong.

@81, Yea I think she realized it and just wanted to make an example of 20. LIke somehow he was less of a person because of a typo. Grammar whores. Too busy correcting things to get any cock to chock on.

37- Chock: The choking of the cock. May be preparing a bird for a feast, expressing self pleasure, or giving pleasure to others. ;)

Fuck that shit.

Fuck that shit

Hey that was very thoughtful if you ask me.

Fuck that shit.

Fuck that shit.

Awhhh that IS cute :)

6-Don't know if cute would be the right word. Creepy and disturbing, yes, but cute...I'm not too sure about that.

It was sarcasm, emphasis on the word "is", if you read the fml op refers to it as cute.

How does emphasis on the word 'is' reflect sarcasm? I tried saying it out loud, even!

Dont listen to them that was funny right there

Wait, when is sarcasm accompanied by smiley faces? O_O Ah well. Huzzah, sarcasm! :D

In the original post, cute was referring to the physical appearance of the letter and not to the actual content of the letter.

SEE!!!!! They doggy gets it!

When sarcasm is hard to detect, a good "BAZINGA" may help to get your point across! ;)

Aww, someone has a secret admirer. Too bad, they're rude.

He probably meant on his.

Of course he meant his

Seems like someones in love with you.

Atleast they hoped it in another language, it's the thought that counts.