By sexisntfun - 30/03/2015 02:13 - United States

Today, I was about to lose my virginity to my girlfriend, with whom I am genuinely in love. Right after I'd got the condom on, she said, "You do know this is break-up sex, right?" FML
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you didnt have sex with her after that, right?

"Yes because obviously I can read your bitchy-ass mind." I'm real sorry, that's ******.


you didnt have sex with her after that, right?

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I would have went ahead and. sexed her up, at least I would have gotten some.

32: I highly doubt most people would want their first time to be break up sex.

He loved her.. I would of been too sad to do anything let alone have sex..

I would have gotten her all hot and excited.. then just about when she was about to ******, I would have gotten up, got dressed and leave.

hey break up sex is the best! i still would have hit it

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Maybe if he did it well, then she might not break up with OP...

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no I think you mean make up sex.

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Exactly in the words of the lonely island,"doesn't matter, I just had sex"

Should have finished as fast as you could.

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If you go back and read you will see op is a virgin.

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Atleast now you don't have to worry about not being good the first time?

OP, sounds like the ideal time for surprise anal.

"Yes because obviously I can read your bitchy-ass mind." I'm real sorry, that's ******.

Its still hard to say something like that to someone you love

At least she said something. That seriously sucks for OP, but it would have been way worse if she hadn't. Good luck, OP. You'll find someone else worth your affection.

I think that it's still better than nothing because if she had broke up just after sex he could have thought that he wasn't good enough, that's serious damage for the self esteem. But still that doesn't excuse her for being an idiot.

#122 Sorry to say that nothing, is better, when you'd waste your first time on a bitch and on "break-up sex". I don't even understand the concept of it..

I hope you got up and left, you deserve more respect then that.

I think it would be closer to the truth to say that he got down and left.

I hope you called it off. She doesn't deserve you.

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did she know it was going to be your first time? that's disrespectful just in general, but your first time is supposed to be awkwardly special. why would she take that away from you?

That's really mean.. I'm really sorry for you.

Better OP gets a respectful breakup. I doubt OP wanted to lose his virginity to someone so inconsiderate and rude.

Right bro. Dignity doesn't matter anymore bro. Like who respects themselves bro?