By soontobewidow - 28/03/2015 09:20 - Turkey - Istanbul

Today, my husband was involved in a horrible series of accidents; he repeatedly slipped and fell into my best friend's vagina. FML
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mildly concerned by the username

Nevracceptdefeat 26

Dont you hate it when that happens


Nevracceptdefeat 26

Dont you hate it when that happens

I guess he slipped and fell single too.

Apparently dead, according to OPs username!

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small accidents have large consequences.

i guess he ran into your knife 10 times (chicago)

cantik20 5

clumsy dick

Ikashy73 14

I don't really get why people downvoted that joke, #74, I thought it was pretty clever.

What a total dick!!! You're better off without him

And her. (OP's "best friend")

Riften_Guard 14

It seems like he's got his story straight

mildly concerned by the username

Only concern is if she gets caught.

yeah it can be another "accident" ;)

He ran into my knife ten times.

He only has himself to blame

And the "best friend"

kellyem2 20

I guess you could say they broke up because of "artistic" differences.

I'm not, I'll be looking at the obits for the one that says "Slipped and fell into a knife... several times"

#34, I think you mean that he accidentally fell into the knife

he accidentally shot himself in the back somehow

some guys just can't hold their arsenic

So I took the shotgun off the wall And I fired two warning shots......into his head!

AllThatHit 7

He had it coming

#115 I'm mildly concerned for you..

"Caaaarla. That kills people, Caaaaarla."

skyeyez9 24

Shoot. Shovel. Shut up. She needs to remember those.

That made me laugh.

Why? He deserves it

The reference you just did made my night.

"He accidentally shot his own dick off."

"Mildly" concerned. XD

What a dick we've got here --'

psychopolarbear 28

A very clumsy one, apparently

Hope you dump him. Accidents like that are not accidental.

I slipped and stumbled down the stairs as she was bent over and we were both naked... No shit these kind of accidents aren't accidental.

You divorce a husband, not dump him. Unless it's his corpse.

And according to OP's username, he shall soon be nothing but a corpse.

Sxylilhalfpint 20

I love the user name.... Cus you know "accidents" do happen.

#23: "so does* jail." Sorry, but improper grammar drives me insane. I hope OP divorced him and that OP dumps her best friend.

Accidents. Many kinds of accidents. I'm called an accident.

poppunkette 22

Sorry to hear it op. I hope you can either sort it out with both which seems very unlikely and no one would blame you if you don't. Or work things out but keep him on a short leash and make it clear to her that you friendship or the remains of it wont be the same or even repairable

I hope OP throws him out on his ass and she never has to see his cheating face ever again. I don't hope they work it out even if she keeps him on a short leash, that's just not healthy for anyone.

They are married so I guess you have a point..cause marriage is you stick together for better or for worse.

Divorce sounds like a way better option....

Sure, 54, except that when they say "for better or for worse" I don't actually think they mean "if the dickhead cheats on you, forgive him because he's your husband." That whole "sticking together" thing works a lot better when one of them hasn't just completely and irreparably destroyed the trust and love in the relationship....

Not when he cheats, that's when death part them

Oh wow my condolences to him he I'm sorry to hear about his accident :(

Gunguy 11

Perhaps you should have put up a wet floor sign or something. Sounds like a dangerous environment to me.