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By  maroongrad  |  13

I'd say keep a running tally of crap like this so that when your parents finally come to their senses, you can keep them that way by reminding them just how long it's been going on.
As it is? I'd say never let her have anything, ever again. If she pulls this stuff again...and it's not a one-off thing but consistent...seriously consider involving the cops. It sounds like something that could easily have landed you in the hospital. If it ever charges. Your parents won't protect you, so go for it. Maybe THAT will be their wake up call.

By  GrumpyGrinch  |  23

Your parents seriously suck at parenting. Get some witness, better official one, like ER, police, CPS, school teacher, school nurse, that you were hit (bruise). Repeat it every time this happens. Keep paperwork in a place they can't steel it like the necklaces. You may need it very badly.