By stuckwithafamilyofcunts - 27/04/2013 20:23 - Spain - El Puig

Today, my little brother gave me an open jar of peanut butter for my birthday. I'm deathly allergic, and he knows it. Despite his maniacal grin and snickering, my parents said it was an innocent mistake, and grounded me for yelling at him. FML
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Just think, another few years and he'll progress to cutting your brake line....

Unless your brother is like, 2, your parents need a serious reality check on life...


Just think, another few years and he'll progress to cutting your brake line....

No joke man0.0 that's happened to me!! And I'm only seventeen!!D:

What does your age have to do with how much someone hates you and wants you dead? At 17, you're definitely old enough to piss someone off.

i think he meant that he hasn't been driving that long and that already happened to him.

Wisdom is something very much lacked in this situation, nowadays people just pick the favorite and stick with it, pfft.

Except I bet his parents would protect the brother

that's exactly what I was going to say

I think he'll be allergic to a good beating. Instant justice. You may be grounded, but if he gets slapped around every time he does it, he won't do it. And it's a punishment your parents can't undo. And for those who think I'm overreacting, a peanut allergy can be lethal.

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I'd sleep with one eye open if I were you.

Or you could strangle him when the little prick comes into the room.

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**** strangling. Tie his ass up and ask him if he wants to play a game.

I'm sure we all get what you meant by that. I would reword that though so it didn't sound as.... bad.

Your parents need a new sense of logic. Too bad there isn't a way to give that to them for their birthdays

Unless your brother is like, 2, your parents need a serious reality check on life...

Actually maybe the brother is young. That doesn't mean he can't be evil. I'm 2 years older than my little bro and at an incredibly young age he was already lying, manipulating my parents, and constantly getting me in trouble. There are some pretty messed up children out there, and maybe the kid's age is what makes the parents skeptical. Although, he managed to keep up his "antics" for years and years because they never punished him and they always believed him

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What does autism have to do with that dumb comment? Autistic people are usually very intelligent. Also a very good friend of mine is autistic so I kind of take offense to that.

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People who are allergic to peanuts have a high probability of being allergic to tree nuts as well, and vice versa. Most allergists will tell you to avoid all nuts if you're allergic to one. You're right, peanuts are legumes, but as far as food allergies go, peanuts and nuts go hand in hand.

#7 don't let these other fmlers get to you. They're just as bad as the cashier that violated your second amendment rights in the 10 items or less line.

He said he was deathly allergic to peanuts I don't think yelling was an over reaction

I know some people who can't even smell peanuts or peanut butter without needing their EpiPen. So yeah, if the OP has an allergy as serious as that, an open jar of peanut butter is definitely something worth yelling about.

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I don't understand what the whole nuts/not nuts had to do with anything. OP said they were allergic to peanuts/peanut butter. It doesn't matter if peanuts aren't actually nuts, she's allergic to them no matter what. And peanut allergies are one of the most severe allergies you can have, I don't think anything is an overreaction in that case.

I have a peanut allergy and my sister did something similar. I ended up in the hospital's emergency room. Peanuts can be lethal.

It doesn't matter if its not a nut if you're allergic you kind of don't want something that will close your throat up

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She did not overreact! You don't have to eat or ingest peanuts to have a reaction. Just by touching or smelling peanut residue you could die. It all depends on the severity of the allergy. Some people have a special dog that smells peanuts to help the owner to avoid any kind of residue.

#91 - He might not have needed to. Sometimes, if the allergy is severe (and judging by the word 'deathly', OP's is) just the smell of peanuts can trigger a reaction. EDIT: Damn, #94 beat me to it.

Wow, that was an impressive triple fail by Fmlano...

For his birthday, punch him in the nuts. I think you'll be safe from anaphylactic shock..

17- I think the focus is on keeping OP an alive person. I 'm not usually for violent solutions, but anything that doesn't kill or maim him is fair game here.

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Wow parents are always easier on the younger sibling and that's how you know you're not the favorite

In my case my parents always favoured the older siblings :(

I always **** with my kids about who's the favorite *evil grin*

The favorite child can be anywhere in birthorder.

Really? In mine they favor my younger twin