By iGotSkill - 31/10/2009 01:32 - Canada

Today, my girlfriend broke up with me. Her mom who had passed away years ago told her that I was cheating on her, telepathically. FML
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Well at least you found out now, before she started listening to stock tips from beyond and losing your 401k.


Well at least you found out now, before she started listening to stock tips from beyond and losing your 401k.

suaveneanderthal 0

damn, i mean her mom did just pass away i think you have to try and be considerate, i think the best thing for you to do is do everything in your power to convince her otherwise. Do little sweet things that maybe you've stopped doing or coordinate a little surprise for her... maybe in her head she's really just not feeling appreciated and the loss of her mom probably didn't help matters, but right now it sounds like she's gonna need support so at least don't blow up in her face.

riku3220 2

-Just- passed away? The FML says years ago. The girl is insane.

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damn, was way too drunk last night to be reading fml's correctly. sorry i didn't catch that her mom's been dead awhile.

Way to go. Giving worldly advice when on the sauce. That's what I do every time I get drunk- go on FML and give advice. Kudos, though. For being drunk, you had extremely good spelling. When I'm drunk, I usually can't work a keyboard. Or cell phone. Or legs.


haha. usually when a girl says that she's not appreciative and she wants to break it off, so there's nothing you can do to change her mind, but if she's crazy, you should stay away from her, either way, you get rid of her, I'm sorry...

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Looks like your now ex-girlfriend has some parental issues... if you know what I mean.

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Unless that and being psychic is a turn on for the OP, he should be glad he's out haha

you probably were dead people don't lie

Were you cheating, OP? We're missing an important piece here.

Good thing you got off that crazy wagon.

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Like the song goes....I gotta feelin somebody's watchin meeee! In your case, this applies.

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okkk. every is stupid. so fyck you all.

Did you really think that anything good would come of cheating on your witch girlfriend telepathically? You'll be much better off if from now on you leave those kinds of antics to B-list fantasy soap operas.

he meant that HER mom was communicating with HER telepathically you moron

PLEASE start thinking before you post stuff on a forum. This post is clearly ironical, meaning that what he says is a humorus comment, "dissing" the girl.

you are so lucky it ended. Count your blessings and move on