By coldwetnose - 09/05/2011 06:08 - United States

Today, my phone alarm woke me up. It had fallen under my boyfriend's bed. Naked, I got on all fours to retrieve it. My boyfriend's dog stuck his nose in my ass. FML
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you're lucky it was only his nose.

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RainbowHeadache 2

I'm sure she did. Calm down, OP he was just saying hello.

duodecillian 0

I was really hoping this story would end differently

I guess she really loves doggy style.

ImThePope 2

17, I'm sure there were a lot of us wishing the same thing. Because I like kinky stories like this. Awh yea.

oh curious doggy. at least it wasn't happy to see you if you know what I mean ;)

Ryan0510 0

Mustve been a smelly situation.

AlwaySunny 0

if you weren't wet last night, I bet you are now

imacreeper 3

are you sure it was the dog?

MeowingKat 0

I guess you learned the true meaning of doggy style!

FuniiBunii 0

Was the dog male or female?

aww! he thought you were a puppy!!! :D

at least it was just his ass haha.

the dog just wanted to know if she wiped or not... i dont see wat the big deal is

Jaimegirl 7

At least it was only the nose, haha!

Did you at least reciprocate in kind? Don't be rude.

MilanKing 0

you're lucky it was only his nose.

for reals! it could have been something else, now that would make this a really bad Fml.

ImaWiseGuy 5

I've heard of ass to mouth, but nose to mouth is a new one....

152- i believe u meant nose to ass not nose to mouth... good try tho... lol

daaron 3

true that ass rape win for the dog

think of this, at least it wasn't a soggy banana?

spicyasscakes 0

I looked at the replies just to see if someone corrected it. go u :)

lol@loony's pic and no one commenting about it

So you mean you wanna stick your nose in her ass? Gross.

EmoGiana 0

I believe that is called "Tossing a salad".

EmoGiana 0

I believe that is called "Tossing a salad".

kingtz 6

Not really. "tossing the salad" is if the dog actually licked her ass. She was probably just giving off pheromones and he came over to investigate.

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223- I see what you did there you sneaky bastard..

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CommonSenseKarma 17

HEY GET OUT OF HERE I'm territorial, too.

He was only greeting you I hope you sniffed his butt in return.

At least he didn't stick anything else in there... Count yourself lucky!

He was probably just looking for some chocolate. You know how much dogs love chocolate.

The early worm gets the bird... Or the nose i guess.

Wordplay is stupid when you mess it up, eh.

hmmm Maybe the dog got up earlier and she had worms??? it works

TheDrifter 23

It works. It also works as the early nose gets the bird in this case.

well some people really enjoy that kind of stuff

DarthVader007 0

**********. Ok this FML could create some graphic images though .

mrd10 0

yeah I know someone who puts peanut butter on her down stairs area n gets her dog to lick it clean puke much

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Mr_Darkside 5

haha if her bf dumps her she always has his dog as option 2

So is that a new sex position for oral? Or in this case, nasal?

the dog was getting ready to give her a rim job

Troll_Doll 0

Gives a new meaning to doggy-style.

EffinToofer 3

That's disgusting. I love animals but I wish they would learn to understand boundaries.

It's simple to teach them. Pain will be their master. They cross a line they weren't supposed to, KICK HIM

kingtz 6

29, I hope your parents kicked you as a child.

31- Go look up "joke" in the dictionary.

telling people you were a trollmakes you an awful troll

thank you, 31! that's exactly what 29 deserves!

Well Gentleman Shark the world does lack the sense of humour. If I make a joke I get haters simply because of misunderstood humour. That's what trolls are. I don't point that out I simply experience the backlash because they choose to interpret it in such a negative way

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I shall kill an old lady and fluffy poodle every-time you comment on an FML