By Anonymous - 14/11/2011 05:09 - United States

Today, I found pictures in my boyfriend's phone of our dog eating treats out of my mouth while I'm sleeping. FML
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Some weird kinky fetish of his?

Scooby snacks (:


Some weird kinky fetish of his?

it may have just been a one time joke or maybe two time. Just see what he says and if it's a fetish good luck ;)

That's a pretty messed up fetish..

It could of been way worse. Might not have been the mouth...

I think I just found the cause of morning breath!

Does he enjoy kissing you?

Why'd you go through his pictures?

Time to lock your door from now on. And get a new boyfriend.

Be sure to remember to change the lock or you may be in for a surprise.

Once dogs like the experience they might go for it again. be careful

Jeez! Quit falling asleep with dog treats in your mouth!

"You have a weird dog eating out my mouth fetish? Yeah? Well I have a Ive-cheated-on-you fetish"

"You have a weird dog eating out my mouth fetish? Yeah? Well I have a Ive-cheated-on-you fetish"

Time to accept the fact that your boyfriend is awesome

I love your picture and username :D ahah my name is Xenna(x

Scooby snacks (:

Ro-roh! Wonder what's on that video camera he keeps hidden behind the jar of peanut butter in his wardrobe?

Nom nom nom :)

Out of your 'mouth'? Well that's kinda unsanitary..

Yeaah!! what was he thinking! Who knows where her mouth has been! :P

Lol litterally

I once found porn starring an old asian guy and an old asian woman on my now ex girlfriends phone, be glad you didn't find that. I was and still am to this day, completely and utterly horrified.

Must have brought you some pleasant dreams at the time though?

phew when i started reading that Ithought it was going in another direction. Time to get my mind out of the gutter.

Don't u mean french kissing?

If you French kiss like this, you're doing it wrong! We don't kiss like this! Merci! :)

Seems like OP's *puts on sunglasses* Gone to the dogs! Yaaaaaaaasaah!

*snatches sunglasses and light 'em on fire*

*grabs burnt shades* it's ok, it's ok. I'll wear you later. I'll wear you later!!! *runs off to cry in the corner*