By Anon - 29/01/2019 02:00

Today, I was working on an art commission for some random kid's OC and I didn't notice that I made the nose look like a man's private parts. The mother was upset and spammed my mailbox. FML
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A dicknose? Might be one of my relatives!

LadyRen 20

It’s “original character”, a character created by someone


Maybe be careful with that Pinocchio drawing next time.

PenguinPal3017 19

Now that's what I call a dicky situation!

that's art right there if you ask me.. and who knows man it could easily sell for millions if you're lucky.

To what is this "OC" that OP's referring???

Onion Concubine. Pretty sure that's what they mean.

I'm wondering as well. The words that come to mind are overclock and Orange County... nothing that fits here xD

LadyRen 20

It’s “original character”, a character created by someone

The mother must be pretty obsessed with male private parts if she sees them in everything.

Shaibear96 9

To all of you asking: OC stands for original character. Usually an OC is created for a fanfiction but Ive also heard the term used in relation to Cosplay and Furries.

In your defense, noses can look extremely phallic (pretty sure there’s movie or tv jokes about it somewhere). Just look at Owen Wilson. His nose is phallic looking.