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Today, my boyfriend was watching TV, when we started getting frisky. I'd just started to give him a blowjob when he pushed me off and said, "Fun's over." Dragon Ball Z had just come back on. He's 21. FML
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Haha at least u know he's not using you for sex

I dunno why he did, it's 20 minutes of yelling and powering up...


I dunno why he did, it's 20 minutes of yelling and powering up...

I guess you could make the same case for the ******* right?

wlddog 14

Only if she tries to make animal balloons again.

I thought you were only supposed to yell if the girl giving it to you has a power level of over 9000!

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this. but seriously who gives up sexy time for a tv show?! We lost our comrade....

52, you obviously have never watched the best show of most people's favourite childhood t.v show.. The newest movie was just horrible -_-

I dunno, my childhood show was split between Hey Arnold and Ed, Edd, and Eddy.

Drake and josh and suite life of Zach and cody

chlorinegreen 27

86 that was too childish for me when those shows came out. I was all about the powder puff girls, sailor moon and my brothers made me watch dragon ball z... And now my boyfriend does.

If you're not yelling during a ******* you're not getting the right kind of head and someone needs some lessons. I'm not talking about biting either, for your information.

86, I don't remember them being the powder puff girls. I sure hope the power puff girls didn't puff no powder.

wouldn't it have been awesome to get a bj while watching and actually nut synchronized to a kamehameha?

Go home #86, you're too young for this conversation.

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pfft samurai jack will wrex ur face

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Dbz is the greatest cartoon of all time ed edd and eddy is third though

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Am I the only one who likes invader zim?

wlddog 14

Oh dear god...either you lived a sheltered life or you fail at life 168...I shed a man tear for thee...

That's not how you say Miyazaki, Ronin Warriors, etc. Take off the nostalgia goggles it is not.

Haha true. But 21 year old men seem to love that show... I never went through that phase

It's an amazing show, but one does not simply....give up sexy time for tv show

He should have let her keep going and watched the show. Double win.

My gf and I tried this while watching family guy. She kept laughing at the show...

Lichinamo 33

Well, anime addiction is fairly common from people in between the ages of 13 and 30. I should know, I've watched an entire season and four episodes of a standard length anime in 4 days.

Shouldn't this say 'was watching tv'? not just 'was watching'...?

Ultimawolf25 19

Thats all? i was expecting you to say in one day -sigh-....lightweight.

InfamousRaider 15

A lot of people like anime; I'm not surprised he did that but if they were having sex and he did that I'd be like "what the fuuuuck!"

You just described me in two sentences #3!

yoursucklives 36

kamehame ha that sucker (i really don't know how that is spelled)

you forgot the 10 second pause to every two letters in that..KA.....ME............

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The_9th_Doctor 18


Well, maybe it's time for him to be single ? And for you to find a better guy!

Girls complain all we think about is sex, as soon as we turn down one sexual act one time you go straight to "dump him" mode. Well **** you maybe this time I'M the one with the headache!

I agree with 40 on this one tired of thought of a sexual beast then when I want to do something else "I think we should see other people"

#5 What the hell? Thank you for proving the fickle minds of us women. He likes a show- he's not doing any harm in liking a show. Dumping a guy over this is very silly.

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DBZ is at least 30 years old. It's timeless and can be enjoyed by all ages.

chlorinegreen 27

I think the problem was not that he wanted to watch the show but the fact he pushed her off. Couldn't he of just enjoyed it instead of hurting her feelings? That show has been on how long? He could of watched reruns or online. If he really wasn't in the mood he should of stopped her before it even started.

\ 28

#96 that has nowhere near the same flair as watching it on real television.

Well sure, but he wasn't just wanting to do something else, was he? No big deal if he's not in the mood, but did he have to let OP get to the point of having his dick in her mouth and then shove her off to watch his show?

lollypop30001 19

Just because he did not want a ******** at the moment?

killer6969 16

Wow when we want sex were called beasts and animals when we're just tired and want to watch our favorite show " time to see someone else??

It's not fair to dump someone because they don't want you to suck their dick. What if a guy broke up with you because you wouldn't let him touch your boobs? I would be disappointed if I got dumped over that.

maebelline12 12

*Damn* A dam is a man/beaver made water blockade.

Damn fine vocabulary you've got there 125.

That's lame, I might be able to understand it if he was trying to get out of performing foreplay on you but to stop a ******* for a tv show? I'd be asking questions OP! Like wtf!

Lol what's wrong with guys performing foreplay on girls?

There are more important things to some guys than just sex.

Haha at least u know he's not using you for sex

perdix 29

#10, yeah, he's using you for your cable, which is somewhat ironic, considering what he is denying you.

Maybe he is, but only when DBZ isn't on.

Maybe you're not very good at BJs if he chose TV?

Or...maybe he's just too into his tv show to not be in the mood? It's most likely not her fault

phantumgrey 6

Ill agree with that one. Nothing is worse than a girl who just can't get you off.

Wizardo 33

Dragon Fist him and see if he wants to watch DBZ then...