By theyarefarapart - 09/05/2011 07:05

Today, I found out that my classmates affectionately refer to me as "the kid whose eyes are really far apart." FML
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Dude, it would be worse. You could be "the kid whose gender is impossible to tell". Plus, Oprah's eyes seem far apart... I don't know if anyone else noticed, but they are.


denbeste 3
denbeste 3

25 - Exactly! Oprah is stil in school. *shivers* poor people that see that alien thing...

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Someone needs sunglasses.

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At least they do it "affectionately"

like James Morrison? well he is cute

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It's ok Jason I still like you no matter what email me at [email protected]

i know that feel bro, they call me the boy with the really large penis...

snowdrift 6

haha, aww its okay. dont worry.. lmao(;

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just pay someone $10.00 an hour to push them back in when they start drifting apart.

ImaWiseGuy 5

would it not be easier just to say "the kid with a big head"?

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maybe he's not a retard,,, but a hammerhead shark!!

Brandnewuser 0

maybe he's not a retard,,, but a hammerhead shark!!

LolMoqz 10

i see what you did there :3

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Lmao the image that this gave me

Why is OP a retard? You are a cold sumbish.

meth is bad for u try injecting yoursef with heroin/ boat cleaner

Oh god that's a riot. Don't worry OP sometimes I refer to myself as the kid who can't see her pupils.

You are a girl withot a mirror? I'm highly confused

Nope my eyes are just a really dark shade of brown that I can't see them 80% of the time.

They are in the middle of your eyes. :) Cheers!

I know what you mean, I can't see my pupils majority of the time unless I shine a really bright light at them. But dark eyes add a little bit of mystery, that's what I say :p

missL1z 5

It is not THAT bad. Some kids had it worst in school, so suck it up.

and that is bad because.....? I mean seriously doesn't that mean that you can see to your right and left at the same time?

Haha. That's funny. It happens. My classmates called me 'the girl who hangs out with amanda'