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  DarkHelmet  |  10

LOL that's why you ALWAYS read the brochure when ur parents say your going to camp and it might have been more beneficial for them to buy you a gym membership than a ticket to fat camp

  silverskin  |  1

Considering how much those camps cost, they either really care because you're unhealthy and they want you to get better. Or they don't care at all because you're the next Twiggy, but they needed a place to send you for the summer and Camp _____ had space, so...

Worst case, you make some friends, eat some healthy food, and learn about yourself.
Best case, you stop complaining about having parents that love you, make some friends, eat some healthy food, and learn about yourself.

  st0815  |  9

It might even be fun - being able to play sports and learn new skills, without being ostracized by your peers. Really OP: be happy that you have parents who care about you.

By  Jimboom  |  11

Fatcamp... Funcamp... whats a few letters between fatasses. ;-)

Just be grateful that your parents care enough to actually do something about your situation.

By  AlyxxBearr  |  0

Hey Whered Sarahs Comment Go.? Anyways, your parents made the decision for u to loose weight bcuxz u obviously arent doinq eht. If Thats The Case, Then YDI. Of Ur Not Fat, Then FYL


The amount of grammatical mistakes in this post are too damn high. That's ridiculous. Even if you didn't receive an education your autocorrect should have at least caught some of the multitudinous mistakes.