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Today, my boyfriend and I thought it'd be hot to have it off on the golf course once it was dark. Who would've thought that sprinklers start up once it's pitch dark. I got a lot wetter than I thought I would. FML
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honestly that would make it more awesome for me. if you can't handle water touching you during sex, then your just a loser


I agree with #9 I hope with all my heart you didn't do it in the sand pits :/

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why is this even an fml? if the sex is so bad that a little water ruins it you have bigger problems

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Agree with 19. FMLs are getting pretty boring. Pick up the slack moderaters.

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aww that's cute this isn't an fml just makes the sex more funn

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this sounds great, am I the only one missing the fml?

ladie_man, I agree, wouldn't it make life a bit more exciting? I mean it's sprinklers, not a power hose.

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36 ahaha nice name and pic! transformers!!

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uhm no it's not nasty I can tellur a bore I'm bed

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it's cheaper to water your grass at night

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This is what FML's are these days? Oh boo hoo, you got wet :-( I'm so sorry. Your life is sooooo ******. Listen, do me a favor, please? Cry me a river, build a bridge, and get over it, but PLEASE be careful crossing the bridge. I don't want to see another FML about getting wet.

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My comment was moderated because I was mean to the OP about the FML. I strongly disagree with this being an FML. The OP got wet, and that's all. Before I get impolite about this again, I just don't believe this should be an FML.

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Lena I bet u like to get wet and *** under sprinklers at golf courses lol

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ps 10 nice boobs ....:) not being Pervy I mean I know i'm not the only one that's said that before actually, I don't. You massive creeper, GTFO.

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First of all, how in the world do you find it hot to do it in a golf course? o.O Some wierd fetishes there OP...

how'd that putter feel. I mean comon lol a golf course haha that's insane. ydi dum dum lol

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it's not that much of an FML, isn't it kinda like doing it in the shower?

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hahaha i dont see what ur complianing about? hahaha the sprinklers just made it better :P

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OP did your bf use his 9 iron or his driver? hope you didn't leave divots on the green. hole in one? was there any "FORE!"play? did ya polish his club and balls? hehe. those were awful, I'm such a nerd. but I've got a million of 'em! :D

normally people would jump at the chance for a kiss in the rain, whats the difference? (:

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hahaha this made me laugh but it's more sexy in water ;) ()

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i dont see an fml here. to me it seems hoy to have sex while getting wet at the same time

That's sexy. should've kept doing it. It's fun to do it in the rain, or in this case, the sprinklers. Believe.

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was your boyfriend tigerwoods?

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Doing it outside can be a thrill. I've done it on a golf course a few times. the thing here is the "who knew the sprinklers come on" comment. I'll tell ya who, anyone who has ever watched Happy Gilmore! Dumbass.


Sara you have really nice ****...oh and something about the post

wow, sprinklers turn u on alot more than ur boyfriend

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I agree too. it's dark ur wet and the moons out while you're having it off, what else would you want??

sounds hot to me. I wish I had a girl who would think that way

why the hell r u fukin in a golf park

yea that's what i taught.....i mean that would make it even hotter (but she didn't mention if it was a cold night or not :P)

tape it, rewind, watch in slow motion. done. you can make anything sexy in slow mo... like people falling down the stairs.

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people falling down the stairs in slo mo is funny... I'm gonna have to check that out then lol

That is a hot thought. Might wanna check what time the sprinklers go off first. Before you have your night of fun.

what do you suggest they do? ask what time the sprinklers go off? idiot.

Or they could drive out there, time it, and then know. "idiot".

honestly that would make it more awesome for me. if you can't handle water touching you during sex, then your just a loser

Sounds like a perfect date. Why say FML to a movie moment.

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I was thinking the same thing 7

#7, I would say that YOU'RE a loser, since you don't know the difference between "your" and "you're". OP: pics/vid or it didn't happen!

this is not freakin school. people who correct people with their grammar are the biggest losers cause they have nothing better to do.

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I disagree. people like myself do not like it when other people butcher the English language. I don't see how trying to make people smarter makes anyone a loser.

#62 is just upset because they're a loser. Also, they probably can't spell either.

#74, sorry to tell you, but I don't agree with you. This is a free website and anyone can type HOW THEY LIKE. If the person dosn't want too type with the right grammar then that is their problem, NOT YOURS. #70, serioisly who are you? get a life. I am pretty sure I can type or do you need glasses to see? don't go talking shit when you are clearly an idiot.

92: THIS IS A FREE WEBSITE. PEOPLE CAN DO WHAT THEY LIKE. If someone wants to correct another's grammar, that's their business, not yours. Funny how that MYOB philosophy works both ways, eh?

and if I want to tell people that it is useless correcting peoples grammar, THEN I CAN. so please stfu. stop trying to pick fights.

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@ #92 #70, serioisly who are you? get a life. I am pretty sure I can type or do you need glasses to see? serioisly open mouth, insert foot. repeat

wow I corrected myself. trying to be funny there? well you're not. fat ass.

lalalalala, I never said that people couldn't type how they wanted. I was just pointing out that correcting grammar does not make one a loser. Anyway, I can see the possibility of this turning into a huge flame war so will be going now.

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It doesn't matter weather you corrected yourself or not, dumb ass, you still said you can type and CLEARLY one can see that you can't. And fat ass? Last I checked, I fall way out of that category in life. To use such harsh words to insult someone shows your level of intelligence.

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ha I've never seen anyone type it like that... its always typed weather, but yeah that's like the weather outside lol

I have to admit that people who keep correcting others over their spelling and grammar does get really annoying sometimes. and u guys fighting about this is stupid. okay that's all = ]

#70 72 and 94... "I have no life and pick on people on a web page for their grammar. Oh yeah, I'm so badass. I pick lame fights on the Internet so that I can hide behind a computer screen. FML"

haha, you guys are funny, what do you get out of fighting on the internet? I agree with Irish, myob and you'll be fine. 

Lol, TheIrishBitch. I now have my backup name should I ever get banned. Thanks lala. I occasionally play grammar/spelling Nazi if someone does something particularly funny or annoying, like making a condescending remark to someone else's bad grammar while improperly using it themselves. I did it this time because your argument-- and the statements you've made since my last post-- are hilariously self-contradicting: you accuse me of starting a fight when you were clearly doing it yourself already; you call me a bitch when I literally parroted your words back to you, then you proceed to call someone else a fatass; you reserve the right to say it's annoying and pointless to correct grammar, but tell me to shut up when I point out that it's annoying and pointless for you to correct the grammar Nazis. So, let me recap... It's ok for you to bitch about what annoys you, but NOT ok for anyone else to do the same. Everyone has the right to write what they want, as long as you agree. And you're the ultimate authority on all things labelled "Annoying and Pointless", if bad grammar doesn't bother you, no one else should ever complain. Got it. :}

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that's not so bad. I think the sprinklers being on would make it more fun ; P

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The issue with that is the fact that there is fertilizer mixed in with the water in golf course sprinklers.

"Who would have thought that sprinklers come on a golf course at night..." Um, anyone who has ever seen an Adam Sandler movie, or any movie that has even one golf scene or a fraternity hazing scene.

Yeah unless you're a complete retard you should know that the sprinkklers come on at night!

it'd be even better if there were security cameras you didn't know about. unintentional porno ftw!

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Looks like your bf got a hole in one /:)

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Actually, he probably got a +12. Since the water ruined it for the girl, he had to move to the next hole.