By grounded4life - United States
Today, I tried to make my mom feel better about me leaving for camp for 2 weeks by saying I wish she would come too. She took me seriously and called the camp and is now a camp counselor there. The only problem is I lied about going to the camp, and I'm really going to my boyfriend's lake house. FML
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  nehaspice  |  0

stfu. she just wanted time with her boyfriend - it doesn't make her a bitch.

dude, just tell your mom you don't wanna go anymore because you just wanted time to yourself. you can get away with it!

  regalarius  |  0

It makes her a liar, which in my eyes is usually worse than a bitch. :-) Although it's conceivable that she's in a situation where there's no other reasonable alternative. I'm glad I've never been in one of those.