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well at least you learned that lying is bad

your mum is scary if she took that seriously


well at least you learned that lying is bad

the simplicity of that sentence made me rofl

why wwud u rofl over something you saw ona computer

yes right after he took everything literally.

That sentence right there is something to rofl about.

Because there's no reason to ever say "That made me ROFL" in real life, unless you're a douchebag.

u r so dum. fyl cuz ydi ps: dont b a slut

wat does ROFL mean that is 1 I can't figure out

@ 139 Rolling On Floor Laughing YDI for being a slut.


How is she a slut . Op said her boyfriend not boyfriends.

138- it means rolling on the floor laughing

your mum is scary if she took that seriously

wow what a backfire.. that blows

wow dude that sucks. fyl. have fun at camp.

ummm...... smartie, she's not GOING to camp.

I do believe she was saying "have fun at camp" because now the girl will have to go to camp for real...or fess up.

Yes #55 she wasn't PLANNING on going to camp! Now she most likely will, or have to tell her mom the truth. Now who's the "smartie"?

I imagine she is now so her mom won't find out... change of plans, right?


that's a fail :P

LOL... first to the 5th spot, yes!

Don't lie to her so much, my gosh.

Definitely wasn't the best move... You should have just asked her if you could go.

Good Luck with that.

YDI for being a lying bitch.

You suck dick for being judgmental and calling them a bitch

She lied about going to camp and is instead going to spend the time banging her boyfriend. Therefore, she is a bitch.

restating the fml doesn't make ur comment about her being a bitch right

You're pretty goddamn stupid, aren't you? She lied. Therefore, she is a bitch. Is that getting through your thick skull?

haha this is kinda funny guys lets get this straight no shes not a bitch shes a dirty lying whore k?

Well, she IS from Wisconsin, a land that is known for whores. By that statment, I mean Brett Favre. :D

YDI for thinking you could get away with it.

stfu. she just wanted time with her boyfriend - it doesn't make her a bitch. dude, just tell your mom you don't wanna go anymore because you just wanted time to yourself. you can get away with it!

It makes her a liar, which in my eyes is usually worse than a bitch. :-) Although it's conceivable that she's in a situation where there's no other reasonable alternative. I'm glad I've never been in one of those.

She deserves it for lying to her mother. I hope she got caught

Such. A. Dumbass. I don't see how lying and going to her boyfriend's makes her a bitch. A "dirty lying whore" maybe like 56 said, but certainly not a bitch.

Totally agree with this person.

Idk why a "whore" is a better term for a bitch. A LIAR is what she is. And this is karma coming right back to bite her in the ass.

well. I think both YDI and FYL.