By grounded4life - 22/07/2009 21:31 - United States

Today, I tried to make my mom feel better about me leaving for camp for 2 weeks by saying I wish she would come too. She took me seriously and called the camp and is now a camp counselor there. The only problem is I lied about going to the camp, and I'm really going to my boyfriend's lake house. FML
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barty5858 0

well at least you learned that lying is bad

your mum is scary if she took that seriously


barty5858 0

well at least you learned that lying is bad

the simplicity of that sentence made me rofl

why wwud u rofl over something you saw ona computer

nikktherocker 0

yes right after he took everything literally.

That sentence right there is something to rofl about.

AndelleRae 9

Because there's no reason to ever say "That made me ROFL" in real life, unless you're a douchebag.

justsignedup 0

u r so dum. fyl cuz ydi ps: dont b a ****

wat does ROFL mean that is 1 I can't figure out

Pickle_McHale 0

@ 139 Rolling On Floor Laughing YDI for being a ****.

sheagstaz 0


How is she a **** . Op said her boyfriend not boyfriends.

138- it means rolling on the floor laughing

your mum is scary if she took that seriously

WthHappened 0

wow what a backfire.. that blows

wow dude that sucks. fyl. have fun at camp.

jemsmej 0

ummm...... smartie, she's not GOING to camp.

I do believe she was saying "have fun at camp" because now the girl will have to go to camp for real...or fess up.

sexymessy 0

Yes #55 she wasn't PLANNING on going to camp! Now she most likely will, or have to tell her mom the truth. Now who's the "smartie"?

realggirl 0

I imagine she is now so her mom won't find out... change of plans, right?

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kiwistrwbry08 0

Definitely wasn't the best move... You should have just asked her if you could go.

You suck dick for being judgmental and calling them a bitch

She lied about going to camp and is instead going to spend the time banging her boyfriend. Therefore, she is a bitch.

jasmine1259 2

restating the fml doesn't make ur comment about her being a bitch right

You're pretty goddamn stupid, aren't you? She lied. Therefore, she is a bitch. Is that getting through your thick skull?

Dabookofnothing 0

haha this is kinda funny guys lets get this straight no shes not a bitch shes a dirty lying ***** k?

Well, she IS from Wisconsin, a land that is known for ******. By that statment, I mean Brett Favre. :D

Ketz 0

YDI for thinking you could get away with it.

nehaspice 0

stfu. she just wanted time with her boyfriend - it doesn't make her a bitch. dude, just tell your mom you don't wanna go anymore because you just wanted time to yourself. you can get away with it!

It makes her a liar, which in my eyes is usually worse than a bitch. :-) Although it's conceivable that she's in a situation where there's no other reasonable alternative. I'm glad I've never been in one of those.

sensboltsfan84 4

She deserves it for lying to her mother. I hope she got caught

NikkiFlysKites 8

Such. A. Dumbass. I don't see how lying and going to her boyfriend's makes her a bitch. A "dirty lying *****" maybe like 56 said, but certainly not a bitch.

iheartboobiies 0

Totally agree with this person.

Idk why a "*****" is a better term for a bitch. A LIAR is what she is. And this is karma coming right back to bite her in the ass.

RosarioRivera 0

well. I think both YDI and FYL.