Today, I was late for work, so I grabbed my handbag, my sports bag and ran out. The bus arrived at the stop just as I did, so I hopped on and sat down, trying to catch my breath. I dumped my bags onto my knees and looked down to see my cat, staring back at me from inside my sports bag. FML
By matou / Thursday 9 July 2015 20:41 / France
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  annie_zoo  |  27

Am I missing something here cause wtf does Korean bbq have to do with cats?

By  ChristinePi  |  36

I'm sure your coworkers understood when you got there you had to bring the cat back home. Still funny and relatable. I have a kitty and if she did this I'd freak out. She's so skittish and id be afraid she'd run off.

By  RusticChick  |  27

Start a new trend. Bring felines to work day. They can sit there and give you the death stare all day while you work AND (the best part) knock shit off your desk and not give a fuck, cuz they live the thug life. Sounds perfect.

  Angelkisses130  |  26

And then your cat does your job better than you and takes your job, and soon you become broke and jobless and you're begging your cat for food and rent money; your cat refuses and then you live on the street. Your cat steals your boyfriend and they get married and honeymoon in Spain while you eat canned soup for the rest of your life, alone and desperate...