By Char - 09/09/2012 17:02 - United Kingdom - Falkirk

Today, I walked downstairs with a couple of bags full of stuff, in preparation for a sleepover at my friend's house. My nine-year-old cousin looked at me and said, "Where're you going? Fat camp?" FML
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peve3 12

She's nine, so I'd just ignore her. If she's really annoying, say yes and tell her you'll send her a brochure for next year.

Trix_Disorder 20

Cousin. 9-year-old cousin. Reading comprehension, I swear. Goes right out the window when you're trying to get that first comment, huh?


CaptainDoorknob 7

Kids say the darndest things :')

There's cute, and then there's just plain insulting.

I'm just going to follow your picture..

CaptainDoorknob 7

17 - Where in my comment do I hint that I have a mental deficiency? Nicetrybro.

Send him to brat camp.

thiscrazything 1

That's pretty mean, even for a nine year old. Tomorrow nite, while she's sleeping in her bed, dip her hand into a bowl of warm water......

It's called the tests came back inconclusive because they were not able to get people's hands in water when they were asleep and keep them asleep except for Adam spilling the water from the bowl all over himself. The theory they have is that it in fact wouldn't cause you to pee, but they simply were not able to test it fully with any real results.

priceyfml 7

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CaptainDoorknob 7

Why are you assuming the kid's home alone? Fail.

That's a really stupid question..

Trix_Disorder 20

Cousin. 9-year-old cousin. Reading comprehension, I swear. Goes right out the window when you're trying to get that first comment, huh?

priceyfml, it appears your stupidity has cost you in votes.

minus20 4

This is why I hate Canadians

I wasn't aware I couldn't spend the night at a friends house when I had a younger relative at my house. Crap. I was a horrible sister.

2- I read that the WRONG way.....

peve3 12

She's nine, so I'd just ignore her. If she's really annoying, say yes and tell her you'll send her a brochure for next year.

AFloppyWetWhale 6

LMFAO I just favorites this fml just for this comment XD

lexi365 20

That's kind of harsh to do to a 9 year old.

That was only if she didn't shut up about it. Nine year olds are not babies. They know better than to talk to people like that.

Say, No, I've packed my bags because I plan on kicking your ass for the next week straight and needed a change of cloths during the breaks.

9 year olds are little demons sometimes..

Kids these days

I have sleep over and Im also prepared with my "bags of stuff", I also sneak my mothers "vase" in my back pack for a science project.

71 ~ ... What?

CaptainDoorknob 7

72 - Kindly translate that to English for the rest of civilized humanity to understand..

Now that's just mean. :p Ignore the child, Op. If you're happy the way you are, lean or otherwise, than that's all that matters. ;P

Then. Damn it. Not than then!

54- Argh, dammit! You are correct, and for this, I must be punished! Here, beat me with this rainbow trout, it will do us both some good. ;P

That's a bullshit excuse for fat people to think it's perfectly fine to be fat. It's not. Yeah, you can still be a wonderful person when you're fat, but IT IS NOT OK. It's unhealthy. Clogged arteries, diabetes, increased risk of heart conditions, inability to perform certain tasks a normal person would be able to do... That's what being fat does to you. It is NOT ok.

It's also not your body, and not everyone sees okay the same way you do. Some times people need to be told that they are beautiful no matter how much weight they have on them or lack there of of said weight. They are beautiful people because they are perfectly normal, it may not be healthy but nobody ever claims it is healthy. Telling a person this stuff is not news to them, especially over FML, and won't cause any revelations in their lifestyle. So in short, no, it isn't healthy to be overweight/underweight, but if it is in a reasonable manner, to where you are literally killing yourself with the issue, it is okay. Beauty is never only skin deep.

#68 Thank you!!! So many people spout the "beauty is on the inside" bullshit that they don't understand being overweight is a DISEASE.

iHeartRKO 5

So is being underweight, which to me looks way more disgusting than being overweight. Some people are just too shallow to see it other ways

81- I understand very much that being over weight is a disease. I used to fall into the Obese category until a few years ago and I was fat growing up as a kid, but on top of being fat, I was depressed and Wasn't happy with myself at all: Over weight isn't healthy, for sure, but neither's growing up hating every inch of yourself because of other people's standards labeling you disgusting and being made to feel that was who and what you are. IF Op is over weight, and it doesn't actually Say that she actually is, I would happily recommend a routine of diet and exercise, but I'd also like to boost her psyche to accept herself first, because as you pointed out, beauty ISN'T only skin's how you feel about yourself. :(

I hope a fat person punches you clear in the face.

I have a friend who has been big her while life. One year, she started working out, eating healthy, and cutting back on her food consumption. She lost sixty lbs and then she stopped. She was at 190. She kept trying to loose weight but her body just wouldn't. Some people are incapable of being skinny. People are not always fat by choice. There are also diseases and disorders which cause you to gain weight or to be unable to lose weight.

93- I'm sorry you feel that way towards me. I don't hope anyone of any size hits you. :(

Kids are just brutally honest. Sorry OP.

"Yes. I'm your chaperone."

Read it in Stewie's voice, worth it.

jujubunni5 9

So worth it.

krylonpony 3

Suddenly, personal memories from watching worlds biggest loser. Manly tears were shed.

3pi 6

Gotta love kids! Honest no matter what

That's not honesty. That's called being a smart ass.