By *sigh* - 23/05/2010 01:24 - United States

Today, I was working as a counsellor at a special needs camp when one of the parents came up to my friend and asked her what my disorder was. FML
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FYLDeep 25

Well, it would be worse if she told your friend, "It's nice that there's a place to help treat people like her *points to OP*. Obviously she would have difficulty functioning with the rest of society. Here these people don't have to worry about being ridiculed by the ignorant."

So? She didn't know. You were at a special needs camp but didn't expect people to think that the majority of the people there had special needs. How was she supposed to know you weren't one of them?


Saw another one looking like that, fake

thatsoviciouS 0

So what is it? I think it is you think you are perfect. YDI

I lol'd at this. XD

Idk what my disorder is but you're going to have one when I'm done with you >:[

Look on the good side, atleast the special need members will respond and cooperate with you better since you're someone they can relate to :D

connor3h 0

guess you just had " one of those faces"

SOTY-Win. I've heard that before though, can't grasp exactly where.

The only possible response to this FML is: So?

haha awww sad! :p im sorry op! loren- haaa (: wtf anti flood??! omg it rhymes! bonus poinnts! ha

Diannaa 0

Maybe you didn't look like you had a disorder so the person was curious as to why you were there.

Ahah. Awe. I woulda punched her in the face though >:|

MichieBabiie 0

Meh sounds fake. or they could just been joking around.

FyourLIFEdotCOM8 0

I agree with 21. not an fml.

are you sure that you work there lol? maybe you have a disorder where you make things up in your head.

tehamericanboy94 0

Titties n bitties...titties n bitties.

Op u should act like the old pic of Jessie's, and tell them, "I am~ a choked~ zombie~"

11- is that a pic of you trying chubby bunny? lol

pingpongpickle 8

maybe it's just because you looked normal . buuuuut..that still sucks. fyl.

pingpongpickle 8

hahah 53 -yes, yes it is. that pic made me laugh

I know what it is being a counselor :D

eehizle 0

holy shiiit. is the first comment is a girl or a boy?

YDI for having a disorder

julian1179 0

it could keen she thinks you're normal, but wanted to know what your disorder was so that she wouldn't accidentally insult you. =)

connor3h 0

what is chubby bunny

lichen_fml 0

On the contrary, it might've been a backhanded compliment. She or he could look young, assumed a camper, but so bright and organized that their disorder was mistaken as "high-functioning."

Orchid_fml 2

what did your friend say ?

damn sux to be u I woulda told that bitch off

So? She didn't know. You were at a special needs camp but didn't expect people to think that the majority of the people there had special needs. How was she supposed to know you weren't one of them?

I think you're very special


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Diannaa 0

I thought it was from rudolph? wow my memory sucks lol.

no that's definitely from Rudolph... and op- hahah that sucks!

pingpongpickle 8

it's the abomimamamable snowman!! anyways op go up there and say "I'm. sorry. sweetie. but all the campers need to be over there"

Not a king -- the Burgermeister Meisterburger. He was out for blood after slipping on a roller skate. And that's the abominable snowman, or "bumble."

pingpongpickle 8

oo snap you showed ua

not exactly an FML tht person mite have not know yu didnt have one since yu were teaching someone with a disability he/she might have thought you were pro cause you were teaching, yur disabilty mite not have been an obvious one...not everyone is perfect

I think that spelling counts as a disability.

daniel10309 0

haha that must of sucked for you. FYL

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... (no comment)

Shadow1368 17

But that is a comment.

Are you a mouth breather?