By Em - 30/04/2009 16:45 - United States

Today, my family threw me a surprise party. I was so surprised I punched my mom in the face when she screamed SURPRISE! FML
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Mom: SURPRISE!!! OP: *Punches* Mom: Whats wrong with you, it's me! OP: *Punches harder*

Today, I decided to throw my son a surprise party. When I yelled surprise, he punched me in the face. FML


You're an idiot. How could you punch someone in the FACE just because they jumped out at you? YDI.

marine10_fml 0

no number one ur a bloddy fool it's a natural reaction.

brasilbabe 0

*no number one, you're a bloody fool, it's a natural reaction. learn to spell.

mattxhavoc 2

Yup. Number 1 is a jackass. Pretty funny, though. :D

Mom: SURPRISE!!! OP: *Punches* Mom: Whats wrong with you, it's me! OP: *Punches harder*

obviously number one doesn't have very good reflexes.

No I agree. You idiots who punch people in the face just because they surprise you suggests that your brain can't work fast enough to realise it's not a threat. And reflex my arse. a knee jerk is a reflex, not a punch.

But grammar doesn't matter? How 'bout some capitalization up in hurr?

What WHAT!! Lemmie hear ya say "Shift" baby, "Shift!" Uh-huh, yea. Capitalize that shit! Ungh!

Yea, I didn't know what they were talking about, either. I just heard a sweet groove and rolled with it, ya know.

Reyo 2

Yeah 128...let's blame it on that...

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after reading What What!? I was hoping to see "In the butt" on the next line

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HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH OMG OP! Thats the funniest thing i ever heard!!!

alot people get scared easily dumb ass -0-

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He may have PTSD, just saying.

Why do I have a feeling #1 was being sarcastic?

rootbeerfanatic 6

i agree with # 1. how do you get THAT surprised??

RKftw 0

watching too many scary movies where the murderer say surprise

or by having a nervous disposition, making fight or flight more likely to be the reaction

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Dude! That is so stupid! How could you not punch someone! Like, you come into your dark house, and then you see someone come out of the dark and yell at you! That would be really scary, and I'm sure you'd punch them to!

Why do people throw punches when they get surprised? NOT a good reflex might want to work on that :P Poor mom :(

Wow. You stole the idea off of this. Nice job, asshat.