By Anonymous - 18/10/2014 23:05 - United States - Evanston

Today, I laughed at my grandma's chihuahua poodle mix, as it barked at me entering the house. "What are you going to do, nibble me to death?" is apparently enough to make it jump and bite me. I needed five stitches. FML
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Urgh, those things are the spawn of Satan.

Not your fault... Kinda ironic though. FYL


Not your fault... Kinda ironic though. FYL

Never underestimate the power of CHIHUAHUA'S!!!!!

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Could it have been a wild squirrel with rabbis that found it's way into her house? I mean Chihuahuas and squirrels look pretty similar.

#23, a wild squirrel with Jewish religious figures? Sounds like the start of a bad joke to me.

Found out the worse way that his bark was not worse than his bite huh?

Urgh, those things are the spawn of Satan.

One of the most terrifying mixes. Aggressive insecurity of the Chihuahua combined with the anti-christ in dogform, the Poodle... I'd say the OP was lucky that he managed to survive at all.

The only good thing about them is that they're tiny. If you fear for your life you can punt them across the yard and run.

Awww I had a chaweenie, a dachshund, and a St Bernard. The little one was actually very protective...of me. :) He thought he was a big boy. They were all so jealous of each other I couldn't pet one without petting the other two or the little rat, a 100 pound slobber factory, and the hotdog would all try to get in my lap. Sorry, OP. Those chihuahuas are little but vicious.

What does it look like? A tiny fuzzy poodle?

#40 I'm going to call bs, you should know a ST Bernard weighs more than 100 pounds

I was thinking it was going to the back yard.. In a hole.. About 3 feet deep.

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I was thinking a dodgy Chinese food restaurant.

Didn't you know, animals are unpredictable?

Animals are very predictable, especially dogs. It's just that most people can't read the body language. The barking was the dog warning OP to stay away, and I'm guessing there would have been growls, ears laid back, posture would have been aggressive. Just because you can't read the signs doesn't mean they don't exist.

"I don't just want a nibble, I want a whole goddamn piece!" - poodle thingy

Bit off more than you could chew on this one, OP.