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By no cake for me - 07/11/2012 07:31 - United States - Jackson Heights

Today, my best friend told me that I wasn't invited to her wedding, saying that I was too pretty and that I would outshine her at the ceremony. I laughed and said that she was being ridiculous. She eventually confessed the real reason why I wasn't invited: apparently I'm an annoying bitch. FML
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Obviously you aren't her best friend then! Tough luck OP

Yes, destroy what may be the most important day of that girl's life. Fantastic idea. You should get a Nobel prize for that.


Obviously you aren't her best friend then! Tough luck OP

I agree. It's not worth going then. She's not a real friend and don't waste your time on her. There's better people and better weddings to attend!

Osito2011 9

That is a mean thing to say for a best friend indeed.

Umm what if op really is an annoying bitch? I mean not all op's are saints, you don't need to blindly rush to their defense.

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Yes, destroy what may be the most important day of that girl's life. Fantastic idea. You should get a Nobel prize for that.

pretty sure that would just cement your image as an "annoying bitch"

sonrisapreciosa 6

Yes because that just solves everything.

No wedding present for her! That'll show her...

No silverware? No coffee table books? I like your evil schemes!

No gravy boat! Muahahahahaha I just get more and more evil!

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What I meant to say was... Take a shit in their wedding cake!

unknown_user5566 26

4/53- I'd tell you to stop while you're ahead, but that would imply you were ahead to begin with.

Krajjan 9

76- Kyleekay got a sex change? Again?!

unknown_user5566 26

SHHHH. No one was supposed to know!

Wow, didn't even bother to look at the profile or pic of commenter. My apologies for assuming lol

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WOW... short and sweet and accurate. That's why you are the Master Doc, I bow to your greatness.

Actually I see it as this supposed best friend is a bitch. Not inviting your supposed friend then possibly/supposedly lying to them? That seems pretty bitchy to me. Or, they both are. Really none of us know. All we can decipher is that it was very rude to not invite someone regardless of who they are or how they are as a person. If you know them pretty well, they should be invited. (of course, unless they're a raving lunatic or a serious alcoholic that is a mad/crazy drunk.) For the most part, you invite though you know well. End of story.

*sniff sniff* What's that smell? Oh, you have a little shit on your nose loserman67, let me wipe that off for you.

Baustigt, it is our duty to wipe the noses of those too busy asskissing to do so on their own. Kinda like limiting soda sizes for those who can't contain themselves.

crazytwinsmom 25

So you invite all your ex boyfriends / girlfriends? You know them pretty well! You can invite who you want, especially if you don't want a huge wedding. People who invite every person they know are just doing it for the gifts. Tacky. But OP thinking they were BFs is obviously mislead.

unknown_user5566 26

GC, I think you missed a spot on your own nose.

"Kyleekay, don't wipe shit from noses, you leave it where it is!" *Rinse and repeat* (no pun intended)

"Loserman" Very accurate name. Go kiss the ground he stands on in his blog. No one likes a kiss-up.

This is not the first time that RussianFox has admonished someone for complimenting me. Interesting. Why is that? It's almost like you have a bone to pick or something.

cupcaketheft 2

You must be the bitch of your group

72- I don't like kiss-ups if you don't like that its your problem, not mine. There is a fine line between complementing and downright brown-nosing. I'm not giving you special attention.

GirlOnFire143 6

We don't even know if OP really is an annoying bitch. Her friend should have confronted her about it in the first place instead of lied! One of my "friends" referred to me as an annoying bitch because I'm quiet - it doesn't make me one.

Either she's being a bitch and is the sort of person whose wedding doesn't deserve your presence...or you are an annoying bitch and totally deserve it :-P

Either way, one of you is better off without the other one.

couturedoll 7

Hey, at least she was trying to let you down easy. Maybe it's not entirely her fault- why would she want someone that she can't stand at supposedly the best day of her life? Maybe she's right, and you are a bitch and do deserve it, or maybe she's just bridezilla. We don't know the whole story.

secretsymbiote21 5

maybe this is a great wake up call. take a look at yourself and if You want to change then do it!