By Chloe - 20/12/2010 18:08 - United Kingdom

Today, it was my first day on a £600 a week job. I was fired for being 10 minutes late. FML
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Rule #1 when starting a new job: don't be late. YDI.

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20, love the south park reference :D

10 minutes is actually a lot... if I'm late to class 1 minute I get in trouble.. and that's in school... in a job I suppose more than 2 would be bad >.>

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And I thought they had pounds in london not the dollars

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Oof. That's heavy stuff, man.

don't be tardy for the party. I was the first to say that this time! I think.

95 in case you didn't notice China's economy is actually far worse than the US's and Russia is probably doing just to spite us: "Stupid Americans, think they have it so hard"

99 Do your research first. Sure the US GDP is higher than Chinas, but have you checked the balance of payments (BoP)? It shows that China is doing good whilst USA is way down on the minus side. Just saying.

^^ agreed! also 99, in case you haven't noticed, china has double the population than US! I give them prop for doing so well and some more! Whilst US is in debt to China in the trillion!

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$13.050826460886 trillion, to be exact. XD

First day at a new job, get up REAL early and Show Up On Time. Everybody knows that. Except you. Except now you know it too. Sorry you had to learn it the hard way. Seriously, most jobs have an orientation session to start with. If you're late, you keep the entire orientation session waiting. And if there's no orientation session, then your boss was probably waiting to greet you at the door and show you your job, and you kept your boss waiting. Dumb move.

99- Is it just me or is that an sxephil reference I smell?

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lies 114 by the time you posted that I guarantee that it went up by atleast a couple million.

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When going to a new job always show up early its a good image and shows u want to work

Rule #1 when starting a new job: don't be late. YDI.

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I feel like you should be extra early on the first day, and 10 min is really late...

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Rule #2 when starting a new job: Suck off your boss to get a promotion.

Rule #2.1 when starting a new job: if your boss is female, eat pussy in order to get promotion.

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It was me! I corrupted Doortje! Now I shall disappear into the night, leaving no trace...

It was GotALife, please kill her, I promise I won't say a word! Lots of love and kisses and hot sex.

The hot sex was here. But you were 10 minutes late.

Due to GotALife no longer being here, I can only assume the deed is done and they've got a life no more.

You probably should not have been late then

Don't be late for a $600 a week job.. especially on your first day. YDI

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That's why it's a $600 a week job. The higher the wage is, the higher are the demands.

uh, that's not even alot of money. that's $28,800 a year (before taxes)

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You totally deserve it. Having that opportunity you should have shown up ten minutes earlier... Dumb ass

$600 for a week? Wow, the last time someone gave me a job I had to pay her that much just for an hour!

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That was clever... wait, no it wasn't.

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Why is it so hard for some of you to understand that you did this to yourself??