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Today, my mom told me she's a drug addict, sold my bed to buy meth, and then lectured me about how I should be okay with it. FML
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First try getting her help and if she doesnt want or doesnt help if you are 18 or above move but you cant let her take you down with her.


Or you could have her switch drugs, laughter is the best medicine, correct? Weed causes laughter, therefore weed is the best medicine? That's the logic I go by anyways.

"You've got one thing wrong. This is not meth..." kudos to anyone who gets this :)

Taking meth off a meth addict will cause you more harm then good!!!

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Ah, another one of those FMLs where it's questionable how OP didn't notice a person close to him/her is a drug addict. Meth heads have such distinctive tell tale signs. Anyway, hopefully you can work something out with her and convince her to seek help. Addiction can turn even angels into demons.

#1 be glad she didnt sell anything but your bed #2 you shouldve been known she was on meth! The signs aren't that hard to recognize. So get her some help

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That's a really stupid idea..

Alright clearly I was joking people, I realize weed isn't the best medicine for a meth addict..... Heroin is.

Good times with mercury fulminate. I knew there'd be at least one good Breaking Bad reference in here. :)

Jesse... Jesse.. Haha, how many times an episode does he say that name?

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Methadone would be the healthier choice. Meth to bring her up. Methadone to bring her down. Fun times.

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It won't work. My aunt is a meth addict. She started at 17, and is still using it at 50. When she tried to get off of it and my grandma took the meth away from her... She only got worse. :(

Wow it's like you're trying to he dislikes

First try getting her help and if she doesnt want or doesnt help if you are 18 or above move but you cant let her take you down with her.

Sorry i know, i realized after i post it.

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You need a shirt. You look like Screech from Saved by the Bell.

Lol im glad you compared me to the character and not the dumbass that played him.

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It's called filters, and layers.... Crazy shit you can do with a computer! Like you know those ads on **** sites?! Yea... Those dicks aren't THAT big..

I actually can't ******* understand this because of total lack of punctuation... and are you missing a word or something?

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At least she admitted it, now try to get help for her, best bet....

That's great for her since her pusher lives at the bottom.

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In today's world everyone is crazy, so it's hard to tell who's insane and who's really just puffing, snorting, inhaling...ect.

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If she's on meth.... OP is an idiot for not noticing. Meth ***** you up physically.... Before and after pictures, anyone?

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Yes there are physical signs but those before and after pictures are of long term abuse to meth. Like from 6 months to years. As far as we know OP's mom could only have been addicted for only a month or two. But there are other signs that could point to her (OP's mom) meth addiction.

My question is, who the hell would buy a used bed?

Who would'nt ? Beds are ******* expensive

Have you seen Craig's List?? People will buy anything. Used bed could get 30$+.

... People who live a normal life and can't afford a new one?

Meth dealers... They like to be comfortable top

#6, my question is, are you really that stupid?

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#6- You'd be surprised. There are some creepy people in the world that would buy a girl's used bed.... :/

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That sucks I know what its like to have a mom use that shit. Don't get involved in that drug it will just bring you down too.

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Or just don't do drugs, period. Just because weed is "natural" (it's not) doesn't make it "safe" by any means.

@91 weed is a plant, plants = nature = natural

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Coming from the person that has 420 in their name and beer in their picture.

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I like when people try comparing the separate categories of drugs to eachother (stimulants, narcotics, psychedelics etc.). Everyone has their own opinion but don't try comparing my recreational psychedelic use to a methhead's.

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Ill never do meth...and i like to smoke my weed but i dont tell everyone about it but yes meth is not the thing to do neither is any kind of drug but **** it you only live once

I don't smoke anything. But if toxic tar cigarettes are okay to smoke then weed should be to, I think we can get out of this bad economy by taxing it. And it will stop the cartels from bringing it to over here in the US because nobody wants that dirt weed

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This whole taxing weed thing is complete bullshit. it will not guarantee a way out of recession. and not everyone uses weed. government would still make more from taxing food alone. so what makes you think weed would suddenly increase economical efficiency?

Yeah saying it will completely solve everything is dumb, but its better then giving money to businesses to only have them give the executives bigger bonuses.

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113 food taxes are pretty cold. Especially with such high unemployment, underemployment and homelessness.

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91 While it is true that just because weed is natural doesn't make it safe, weed is safe nonetheless.

Wow that's terrible. Try moving out if you are able to, is my one and only suggestion.

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I had a drunk off duty cop explain to me how to shake n' bake meth. Creepy but kind of interesting. Any soda bottles and batteries laying around your house?

Or a spare bed so you don't have to do all the work? :)