By Anonymous - 15/11/2009 15:45 - United States

Today, I wasn't feeling too well. I decided to bring my laptop with me to the bathroom, because I figured I would be in there for a while. Things were going great, until I felt a burp coming. Next thing I know, my computer is covered with puke. FML
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"Things were going great"? How great can diarrhea go...? Sucks for you, though. FYL.

Poor you. Are typing through puke? Or did it get cleaned out?


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i brign a book or sometimes my nintendo ds i see how you're thinking

I typed this wigtbh mty nowse, I am ppro,,?

hey, don't hate. I'm actually taking a shit right now while replying to you using my iTouch.

LOL ur like my neice. shes 2 months old though :p

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LOL you did not deserve that put, that's jsut wrong

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Poor you. Are typing through puke? Or did it get cleaned out?

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#6 how the **** does she deserve it? cuz shes sick she deserves to get her shit owned by her own puke? nah son :)

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why would you take your laptop to the bathroom.

v1kt4r 13

i think the OP already explained this one, pay attention!!!!

I'm on mine in the bathroom right now. So relaxing

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I used to bring my laptop into the bathroom when I knew it would take awhile. Just sitting on the toilet gets boring. Now that I have my iPod I take that instead. Lol. It's easier to relax if you have something to do.

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Why would you bring your laptop in the bathroom? Where there is water and, obviously, bodily fluids. Read a book or a news paper for gods sake. Ah dear god. I feel untrooly.