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  DrDilllonReese  |  12

Well since going to class and not being noticed gets a call home, maybe if he doesn't show up the teacher will think OP is there. This is, of course going on 1's theory that there's a really old teacher.

  nalia18  |  8

Or you could yell at the top of your lungs each day "IM OVER HEERRREE" then just bust-a-move... Or try wearing fancy cloths to school... Or just say hi to her in class...

  StoryOfTheYear  |  13

97- Why wouldn't you get detention for cutting...
In this instance, OP had supposedly cut class more than just once or twice. If that were true some schools would even go as far as to suspend for the repeat offenses.

  Arivien  |  3

Even if OP does go, they'll just get more detention because they didn't notice her in those detentions. OP, maybe you should participate more in class?