By Anonymous - 22/10/2011 23:26 - United States

Today, my mother came into my room and had a thirty minute long conversation with me. She kept looking very nervous and uncomfortable. Only after she left did I realize that a porn site was open on my computer screen. The entire time. FML
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That sure would make a mother uncomfortable.

Damn it! Don't you hate when you accidentally thumb a comment up?


That sure would make a mother uncomfortable.

Find a large rock and crawl under it until you can think of a legitimate health concern to explain it all. If not possible, just remember eye contact never solved anything.

What I can't get over is that after seeing the site OP's mum still chose to have a 30 min conversation.

Yeah, why would she stay and talk for 30 minutes!? That is legit my worst nightmare (other than dying in a fiery plane crash, being stabbed to death while sleeping, getting butt raped, etc.) I can't even imagine how awkward that is for you. One time I closed a tab with porn on it but didn't close the dad got on it and used the browser..seeing in the 'recently closed' tab was 'pornhub'....I almost died.

You think that's bad 41 I once walked into the living room wearing my boxer shorts. My dad noticed the stain that was still on em


How can OP forget a porn site was on? Homepage?

Nah... My mom would have flip shit if I watched porn.... Edit... If she KNEW I watched porn.

Plus serving is not necessarily a sign of national policy support.

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Damn it! Don't you hate when you accidentally thumb a comment up?

Damnit I thumbs downed 16.............psych

That is not a logical option.

God dammit 16. I think reading your comment caused me to do exactly that.

Here's a tip, don't give tips

Here's a tip, don't play leap frog with a unicorn.

49 I love that heart, looks really good on you.

GTFO the internet

Here's a tip. Watch porn like every other person with Internet.

#79 Pssh, I have internet but I don't watch porn... anymore... I gave it up when I started getting the real deal ;)

you're crazy, porns awesome.

52; you sir, are a creep.

#89 I'm surprised you EVER 'get the real deal'

Bro that's the greatest idea EVER. *thumbs up*

you'll start watching it too eventually. Id share my stash with you but it's too fetishy

busted... Fyl bro

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4-you're very unfortunate looking

Porn has nothing to do with coming out of the closet. Not unless OP was on a gay porn website

Is this comment how you came out of the "bitch" closet… ^thats a good example

Maybe if it was a pic of you

Was that how you were trying to be funny?

You are quit ugly

that's like super awkward....

Like really?!? You don't say.

So what was the conversation about?

she was probably just suggesting a better porn site...

were your pants at your ankles to?lol

Must... resist.... grammar nazi. *too Shit.

like i care how i spell haha

Fucking pandas and their reckless disregard for grammar! >:(

Joeee u should probably start caring

Good comment. Really insightful and gave me a deeper thinking into the FML..

taught me the goddamned meaning of life.

Take it easy, she's a blonde

Who are you!?

Moron... Always close ur porn after masturbating.

or he should at least lock his door haha

Maybe OP wasn't finished yet.

Maybe he hadn't started.

Or open up a word document and start typing "The effect of repeated pornographic imagery on heart rate: an investigation into the desensitization of the sympathetic nervous system" and then put your student number in the corner. Someone's thesis just got fun!

ahahahahahahaha!!!! that's all I gotta say. :]