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  gracefulmonk  |  8

Possibly because you don't have epilepsy. It IS possible to have multiple doctor's appointments in one day. example- family physician, cardiologist, and oncologist. all within a 6 hour period.

  JackyQ  |  16

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By  neuronerd  |  28

So did you really have 3 doctor's appointments? Not doubting you, but the way you wrote the FML makes it unclear.

I feel you though. In high school, I failed the last quarter of physics, because I started having debilitating migraines along with fainting spells, so I kept missing class for doctor's appointments. My teacher took off 5 points for each missed class, no excuses. At least I aced the final.

By  piinksock  |  17

Why didn't you get a doctor's certificate? Also I don't know how it works where you are, but I had to submit forms about any medical conditions my children have to school. Especially an action plan from the doctor things like asthma, severe allergy, diabetes and epilepsy for the school to refer to in an emergency. Surely most schools have a similar system and the teacher could have just verified your epilepsy at the office?

  CoyoteOldOne  |  17

Just because most or all schools should have something, doesn't mean they do, or that they tell you what you need to know. The school system I was in was appalling.

By  kiaora_fml  |  11

You can easily prove this by giving them proof or Drs notes about your appointments or contacting your parents before she gave you the detention, thats what they did with our teen