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I thought I would add that the Internet meme "planking" originated as an exercise that tuned the muscles by supporting the body by leaving your body strait, and using one arm to hold yourself at an angle. Then teh internets maed it soh u just layed down wiht ur bahdi strait and most of teh tiem it's not strenuous.

  dre_bro11  |  12

259, I didn't. You want to know why? Because I'm normal.
Personally, planking, coning, pillaring and whatever else *ing people are trying are not things you should boast about having done.

  ankoku  |  2

These idiots have ruined the spirit of planking.. The original concept was to climb to or some how reach a place that no one else has or could and then take a picture of yourself planking there. Otherwise you just look like a jackass, which is probably why the OP got a detention.

By  Hannahrayne  |  0

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  StoryOfTheYear  |  13

Planking... just... WTF.
Who starts these stupid shit fads.
I honestly think people are in a deep underground lab thinking of things to make people think they're cool, but they instead look like they're mentally unstable.

  punkin_26  |  16

160 apparently couldn't find anything else to say about this. He should go take a look at 92's comment. Would probably kill him. As for OP-I haven't finished reading all the other post yet so I can't say too much. Don't want to be a copy cat. But I do agree, YDI-planking is stupid.

  Unlucky_Gun  |  0

Ok first of all, 160 did put a period at the end of his sentence you blind moron. Secondly, why the hell does it matter Mr. Grammar Cop? Does it really get to you and piss you off that much? All grammar Nazis like you are just a bunch of no-life morons. Get a life

PS: how do you like me not putting a period after "Get a life?" are you going to arrest me for it flatfoot grammar pig? Hah retard


Planking originated as an exercise. Look it up if you'd like. That's just what it started as, I'm not justifying someone being stupid enough to transform it from an exercise to being a fucking retard, but...

  Life_sucks_13  |  6

Someone who has no life? Idk but one of these days, if it hasn't happened already someone is going to get SERIOUSLY hurt. These girls were doing it on the backs of the couches in the lobby of the hotel once. Girl almost fell off and cracked her head on the marble floor.

  shireeniee  |  8

167: planking has already been the cause of death of this dude in Australia. Nutter planked on the balcony railing. Of a building. And fell off. And died. Mmhm.

  Levvy  |  22

It's simple. Step 1: Come up with stupid idea. Step 2: Talk to others about stupid idea as though it were already famous and embraced by a whole lot of people. Step 3: People execute and discuss said idea on the assumption it's a big, well-known, popular new thing. Step 4: Stupid idea actually becomes popular and self-perpetuates.
It's more or less exactly how Paris Hilton became famous, except with porn instead of conversation. It's also how Hulk Hogan levered up his popularity, although I'm a lot more forgiving of the Hulkster personally.


Idiots here came up with the brilliant idea to plank on top of a car and go through the drive thru....... Stupid, stupid, stupid people... And I have to live with this..... Fuck MY life!

By  perdix  |  29

I knew a guy who was sent to a mental institution for the rest of the school year for "planking" on his desk.

Planking means masturbating, right? I'm too lazy to go to

  perdix  |  29

Thanks, boners, it's like shooting fish in a barrel.

Morons! It would be easier to Google "planking" than to write the whole sentence about UD. I did know a kid who put his dick on a desk in the middle of class and wrote on it with a pen.

  KaySL  |  24

I'm with Boners here. Contrast the syllables of "planking" and "wanking" and get a grip, as it were. Do you people have no grasp of sarcasm, non American English, or indeed puns?

  daybowbow  |  0

For a quick sec there I considered the fact that planking might actually mean masturbating. FMLs like these show how unhip I am to teenage oddities and dickweed foolery.

  punkin_26  |  16

In 24's defense I think they did get the sarcasm and responded with their own witty attempt at the skill. I call it a skill because it requires a higher level of intelligence to understand it and master the ability to use it.