By Anonymous - 27/09/2015 12:21 - Australia

Today, I got detention from my teacher for not handing an assignment in. It would be understandable if I hadn't handed it in a week before it was due. She won't listen to reason. FML
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Handing in assignments BEFORE they are due?!? ABSURD!

That's definitely an FYL. Teachers always lose the shit you hand in early.


Handing in assignments BEFORE they are due?!? ABSURD!

mds9986 24

Too be honest though the due date isn't just for the student; it gives the teacher a schedule on when to grade it. If people start handing things in early it probably gets stressful, especially when the teacher is under a strict schedule of grading papers as new ones are coming in.

The most you should hand in your assignments is a day, maybe two, unless you're going to be gone for the entire week that the particular project is to be turned in.

I do agree, but I also think the teacher could've simply said to wait to turn it in if that were the case.

Redgy22 26

Understood. But the teacher doesn't have to accept assignments early if it causes confusion.

That's definitely an FYL. Teachers always lose the shit you hand in early.

I'm a teacher and this is precisely why I don't accept assignments early. Hopefully OP has a copy of it or the teacher finds it. That teacher really should be more organized.

Daelynn_17 19

As a college student this is why I love the option to turn your work in early, but most importantly ONLINE :-) . But even more so, why I love Rate My Professor. I like to see if a teacher is unorganized before I choose their class. Most students are flat out honest and will give you the real deal on a professor. I hope it gets better for you OP. Maybe next time you should consider printing out an extra copy in case something like this happens again. Teachers are human too.

That's why i never do it

I've been there before, teachers don't like when you're actually prepared or do work beforehand

Id take it up with the principle, was it a typed one? You can always reprint it at least if it was and screen shot time it was saved... Sorry about that tho :( hope it all works out in your favor in the end OP.

I hate to be that guy, but *principal.

My iPhone likes to auto correct me when its not needed...

Time to switch classes and/or go to her boss.

Teachers hate to be wrong.

All government stooges hate to be wrong. Try correcting a cop or judge once.

seems like you have experience

I do. Cost me an extra $150, too.

Confront teacher, with principle and parents present. Good luck

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Definitely not a fault on your part, OP. I remember when I faced a similar teacher. If she won't listen to reason I would say just play it along, as they often think "Oh, you didn't spend enough time working on it." Good luck anyway!

It seems like teachers can't keep their shit straight when their supposed to be the ones teaching you to do that

Always keep a copy. Of everything. Assignments. Bills. Pics.

I learned that the hard way. Years ago I paid my gas company for six months ahead (to cover for the summer). The next month I get another bill. Naturally, they had no idea what I was talking about.