By nevasurprised - 10/01/2012 14:50 - Germany

Today, I fell asleep in class. I'm the teacher; I've already given students detention for falling asleep in class this year. FML
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Funny how hypocrisy works. Don't give detention. Just wake them up. YDI for falling asleep.


better watch out when you fall asleep . the kid you put on detention might just try something !

I hate when teachers wake me up when im sleeping. If im tired just leave me alone. YDI for being a hipocrite

Wait, you hate what now? If you're in school, WAKE THE **** UP and ******* LEARN something. Why don't you start by learning some respect, idiot.

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Doc, I think they were teaching how to spell hypocrite during the class he fell asleep in.

sorry but no one is going to feel sorry for you

If the kid's sleeping in class, the teacher shouldn't bother wasting time and waking them up. If they're going to waste their time away by sleeping in class, let them. But that's just my opinion

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If the teachers didn't give so much homework we wouldn't have to stay up all night and then we wouldn't be falling asleep in class.

One of my teacher throws tennis balls at us or slams a textbook if we get caught sleeping

In college they don't really give a shit if you sleep in class. It's all up to you to pay attention to pass. If you don't, you wasted a lot of money just to sleep there to begin with. I think they should prepare you in high school (seeing as you get sent to detention) how college actually is. Fend for yourself. It's a hard lesson to be learned.

How is that disrespect? If im tired, its not like im disrupting the class. Calm down, its not like im failing school, i have like a 3.4 gpa which isnt great but im no idiot

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Now to be fair its not like she was trying to. I see it more as karma then anything

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Lol please I slept through school half the shit I learned was through video games. Lol.

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Thank you lol. I missed so many great times for naps cause jack off teachers wanted to wake me up lol.

What exactly makes this a typical teacher? I have never known or even heard of a teacher falling asleep in class.

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Typical in the sense that they break their own rules. All my teachers have a no gum/food/drink policy. Yet they all come to class with all 3. I had to throw out my water bottle :(

Well, a lot of teachers work their lunch breaks. But to force you to throw out your water bottle, that isn't fair at all.

People fill water bottles with kool aid and vodka/alcohol at my school. Woot public school for the win! They also wanted to ban yoga pants. Was 'distracting' us guys.

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Definitely haha. Speaks wonders for themselves

Just tell the students that due to a rise in sleeping incidents, you were seeing how nap time would do in the curriculum.

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If my teacher fell asleep in class....

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Lol movie time my final year I took my laptop to class. Played games watched movies etc lol still passed

Funny how hypocrisy works. Don't give detention. Just wake them up. YDI for falling asleep.

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My 8th grade social studies teacher had a stuffed flying screaming monkey that he launched at sleeping students. It scared them so bad that they never slept in his class again. Plus it was hilarious.

I would have loved to be in your class. That sounds hilarious.

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#21 Did you go to my school? My teacher did that too! OP no matter how many excuses you come up with, the fact remains; you fell asleep in class. YDI If you take the suggestion of a commentor below (punish yourself) then it would be fair but until then you're a hypocritical douche.

Better check your face for penis drawings!

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Your comment made my day. Thank you.

Sounds like my maths teacher she's so boring she puts herself to sleep...

My French teacher literally fell asleep standing up in front of the class, several times. She was around 80 something.

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Shoulda recorded that shit. If she ever fell over could've sent that to afv. Lol.

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Not necessarily the best example to set for your students. YDI OP.

not only is she cute but she's nice/fair to everyone and is always respectful

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Thanks 43! I always try to be! And 39- like 45 said.. It's not a dating site. But I do appreciate it! Very flattered! :) There were alot of numbers in that.. Haha

45- just being nice cause there's a lot of assholes on here

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54- Don't worry about it or what anyone says. She had a good point.. But being nice is always appreciated.. And if it makes things better, I didn't feel like you were making an attempt at me or anything. Just being nice! Once again, thank you.

All kindness aside, it seems 39 is my least favorite type of human being. Look at me, I'm on a funny story site using a pic of a chest to try and attract random women. I use 3 shitty word pickup lines because I'm not intelligent enough to understand that the type of women who are impressed with my pic are shallow morons and have gonnisiphiherpleaids. Douchebag. That is all.

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69- I normally would say, "That's so mean!!"... But you just made me laugh! *thumbs up*

I guess you had a "late night" with one of the kids you put in detention ;))

No, a late night and an early morning with your mother. Jerk.

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Admin! How come we can't thumb up the OPs comment!!!!

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I'm confused is OP male or female? In this comment s/he claims to be with a commenters mother, but further down s/he seems to be flirting with a man? Hmm..

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62, No need for a double post, they have an edit button. Use it.

The students should have just left the classroom. Not their fault they have no one awake to teach them

I was showing a video, I've seen it a million times. I'm a great teacher, well respected amongst my peers and students.

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too bad youre a **** sucker. falling asleep is not detention worthy, teacher of the year.

My history teacher is the same way, showing a historical documentary video for the 2354th time.

My geophisical teachr did the same thing lol ery1 jus snipped him nd went on like,facebook

Most kids fall asleep during videos especially when you turn the lights on Sources: last class of day