By Anonymous - 08/09/2013 06:52 - United States - Orlando

Today, my obese mother-in-law took her top off at our pool party, exposing her sagging breasts. When I told her to cover herself, she lifted her breasts, turned them inwards, and squeezed them together while staring me in the eyes. She kept doing this on and off for the next two hours. FML
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Look at the positive side: Free whale-watching-entertainment at your pool party!


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CallMeMcFeelii 13

Me too, 15. If only the mods would create one for us, we all could tap it together! Button gang bang woot, woot!

That is literally the most weirdest shit ever. Tell her to lose some weight and then show off her breasts.

SumBur 11

So it's only weird because she's obese? Once she's skinny it will be acceptable?

challan 19

Obviously not 65, she does not got it going on.

63- when a obese person loses weight, they won't suddenly become skinny. And a 'normal' topless woman is at least more tasteful than a obese woman.

48. You don't know how woman's body works! It's not always about weight. OP's mother in law probably has large boobs and breastfed, and they sagged over time. That's what happens to woman's body when she gets older. Too bad not ever guy is aware of the fact that women have it hard as they age. Boobs are not just boytoys -__-

Could be worse, she could have Miley Cyrus' chicken cutlet ass

tjv3 10

I think I would have told her if she can't be decent then she would need to leave

addioty 19

My milkshakes bring all the boys to the yard

The way you describe it gives me the image that you sat there while she was doing it for said 2 hours...?

Allennis44 16

This is an FML in the truest sense if the phrase.

The way he describes it, it sounds like the MIL has mental problems. Perhaps try getting your wife to talk to her mother about why showing breasts at a pool party is inappropriate. I hope you can get the image of her chesticals (tentacle like protrusions from the chest, that at some point in time were breasts) out of your head.

TheCaramelKing 11

Or the OP can show some some bravery and kick her out.

kittykat1501 31

83, it should be chesticles, because chesticals sounds like testicals mixed with chest, instead of tentacles

Look at the positive side: Free whale-watching-entertainment at your pool party!

That's really offensive you know. But then, by the sounds of things, so is this mother-in-law. Carry on. :D

moosetracks22 10

Or she could charge a small fee and put it towards the therapy that she will desperately need.

the thought of 'turning my breast inwards' hurts. seriously disturbing

well since they're saggy, I'm sure it was pleasurable for the MIL

I thought it meant turning them towards each other, but now I'm not sure.

Gingerette 8

#86, I think that perhaps it means that the lower section was grabbed by the nipple and folded underneath the upper part, where the breast starts. But this is only theory; I thank God that I have not been required to see events such as this.

Oh god. This cannot be unseen by my mind.

karpoi 11

...and that mental image can never been unseen.

CommentModerated 17

My obese mother walks around the house topless all the time. Be glad a mental image is the only thing you have.

SystemofaBlink41 27

It really worries me how casual you make it sound.

Mine does it too. It's gross. It helps me not want to ever get fat though.

skyttlz 32

My moms obese and thinks it's fine to walk completely naked from her room to the bathroom. She also walks between the bathroom and her room without pants, a few times per day.

It is if it is her house. While it cannot be pleasant, if she pays for the home she has a right to be naked all she wants.

Jaaared_ 15

Can you still eat cottage cheese?

We're talking about boobs here, not pussy. But since this is the mother-in-law we are talking a about, I'm sure her boobs have evaporated milk.

Obese people tend to get a large buildup of yeast and staph under their breasts or "rolls". Coming from a former nurse aide, you learn not to trust it if it looks *blurg* lol

#9 was talking about a past FML (great reference) #52 I've heard of some women putting deodorant under their saggy breast. :P

Not just obese people, #2, but any little old lady with a decent amount of sagging.

Not just old ladies. I'm a fairly perky DDD and I still get a boob-sweat swamp under there if it's hot out.

@57, there is deodorant SPECIFICALLY for under breasts, I saw it in London Drugs.

Well if there were any children at your pool party then they are definitely scarred for life!

Little4Bear 10

"Mommy how come I never see you doing that with yours?"

Mental scarring not limited to the children, I'm nauseous thinking about it!