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Today, at the water park, my grandmother's boob slipped out. Every time I close my eyes, I see her dangling breast in my mind. FML
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Sounds like the makings of a pretty scary nightmare...

SmileyKyliKins 4

Dangling.. Disturbing image.. You have a dazzling choice of words..


Sounds like the makings of a pretty scary nightmare...

I understand that it would be a little horrifying to see your grandmother's breast anywhere but I actually feel more sympathy for the old gal than OP. It would be terribly embarrassing to accidentally expose yourself in public. I just hope OP didn't make a scene and mortify the grandmother even more.

Saryrr 3

I'm thinking her bathing suit.

Must've been pretty horrible for her too- F Grandma's life, her boob slipped out in public!! :/

Today, I was at the water park with my family when my boob slipped out. The worst part? I saw my grandson staring at it the entire time. FML

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Today, at the water park, my grandmothers boob slipped out. Everytime I close my eyes, I see her dangling breast in my mind. FML

OhLohd111 11

Well 58, who am I to disagree?

Why is this thumbed down? Along with 96's reply I thought it was pretty funny. Now I picture that song playing over slowed down footage of the dangling grandma titty

At that age, she'll more than likely laugh it off. My grandmother would

onealmxwilson 18

Thanks for putting the image of dangling granny boob in my head, OP. I didn't plan on eating for awhile anyway.

KM96 24

Quickly rush to the bathroom and rinse out your eyes!! You poor, poor grandchild!! No one should ever, ever have to suffer seeing that!

sunnyt 5

My grandma walks from her room to the bathroom naked. (My room is next to the bathroom) You could be in worst situations OP..

*worse (I'm sorry it just doesn't work without it)

My grandma had the classic paper-thin nighty... I made sure I picked up ALL of the toys

No chance of replacing the image with a better one, eh?

TeddyB88 4

Here's one: this happened with my grandmother, except it wasn't her boob. It was pubic hair.

I can beat all of you. I had to watch twilight with my sister today.

SmileyKyliKins 4

Dangling.. Disturbing image.. You have a dazzling choice of words..

Breasts naturally "sag" and "dangle". The perfect perk boobs you think women are supposed to have are usually from implants, surgery, or small cup sizes. Nothing defies gravity though.

Agreed with welshite. When those implants start to sag imagine tube sock with a softball on the end.

randomhangul 4

I would have to disagree slightly. but only slightly. I have nice sized breasts that aren't saggy, mainly because I'm quite skinny. they have remained perky and I haven't had implants. maybe because I am young?

Yup, now that image is scarred into my brain too. Thanks OP. Grandmother's gone wild.

It's not that unusual. My grandpa gets drunk and let's it all hang out at family parties.

My grandma just walks around in the morning hangin'.

57- I apologize, but it was bothering me.... lets* Or is it let's? You know what... I actually don't know... Excuse me if I'm wrong.

68- it's lets. Autocorrect tends to change it to let's.

Lets. Let's is a contraction for "let us".

I think OP had the same face as 5's prof pic

baddawg365 0

98- I think that's Christian Bale from American Psycho... That's not fear that's an expression of joy, so I hope that wasn't his face at the sight of his grandmothers breast

-_- looks scared when your scrolling down quickly

When in doubt whip it out! Wait... i don't think that applies here.

Dodge4x4Ram 46

don't close your eyes then DUH

BunchieRules 31

What happens when OP blinks? And I know very few people who sleep with their eyes open.

connerwonner 7

Why does someone always have to say that?We all know it's nasty.

123- Even as a joke.., that still isn't right.

My grandmother has six boobs! And they're always dangling too!

KiddNYC1O 20

It's those rolls, man. They're illusional.

What was she wearing...hopefully not a two piece.