By Anonymous - Australia - Doncaster East
Today, an old lady wearing a low-cut shirt with no bra underneath came into my line with some groceries. At some point while bagging her groceries, her wrinkled breast slipped out of her shirt. She didn't even notice. I wish to fuck I could unsee this. FML
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  Jonkbaby  |  20

This happened to me working at Lowes. A 50/60 something lady wore some kind of ultra see-through shirt in my line early in the morning. my mind must have been elsewhere cause it didn't register to me that her shirt was ultra see-through, so I wasn't really looking at her chest. It hit me a couple minutes later, I asked my coworker "uhh was that lady wearing a see through shirt?"

By  Fern_Gully  |  20

Usually, at a certain age, people just give zero f*cks about social appropriateness and just pretend not to notice when things like that happen. It gives variety to their day. ;)