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Today, I discovered that my boyfriend, who has frequent night terrors, also sleepwalks. And apparently sleep-pisses on the bathroom rug. FML
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Put the rug over the toilet. Problem solved.

Maybe you should take him to the doctor to get that checked out?


Put the rug over the toilet. Problem solved.

With an overused pun like that, who wouldn't be in trouble?

Not really. The rug would just absorb the piss.

Ch_rae5 19

or just get rid of the rug, worst he could do is piss on the floor.

ariiewilliams 17

#46 it isn't a sponge rug. It doesn't absorb piss its just gonna sit there and ******* stink.

Bathroom rugs are designed to absorb, maybe not piss, but a good amount of water. That's one reason it's in your bathroom to begin with; to absorb the water when you step out of the shower. But you're right, it will stink if it's not washed.

iLike2Teabag 27

@42 when the 1st seed team gets swept by the 8th seed in the first round of the playoffs, I think we're all in trouble.

whiteboy896 9

The **** is that gonna do? I knew i slept walked for years and still continued to do it until one day it just stopped.

blakesinthelake 11

He shouldn't need to DEPEND on diapers! Anyone... No... Okay

Ari1337 15

at least you can cope with your failures :)

That's pretty interesting, a nice spice of life you can embrace or not. At least it wasn't in the dishwasher. I used to sleep walk, apparently I even left my house and walked down the street a bit.

ApollosMyth 22

It's what it is man, That was when I was 8 and my parents haven't seen it since. You don't walk around with your hands up zombie status, you just have a blank stare and move steadily. My dad picked me up and said I went limp in his arms. Must have been scary for them because when they heard the door open they thought they were being robbed. By the time they checked our rooms and noticed I was gone, I opened the front door and front gate and was maybe 3 houses down the street. Maybe I ate too many pork rinds like Helga?

sleep walking ain't no joke. when I was in 7th grade I walked out of my room towards the front door. apparently my mom and brother asked where I was going so I told them I was going to get a drink at the water fountain at school. my school was 5 blocks away. I to this day don't remember anything about it.

I witnessed my brothers friend sleep walk into our living room, lift the couch cushion, pee, put the couch cushion back down and walk back into my brothers room. One of the most hilarious things I've seen.

On the topic of sleepwalking stories, I crashed a wedding reception at the Kalahari resort at the Wisconsin Dells when I sleepwalked out of my room, in my tighty whities, down to the first floor. I woke up on the elevator back up to my floor with a very confused looking young adult in there with me.. I was about 7 at the time! Very scary, and I can't remember a thing about it! Don't blame your boyfriend for it, OP. See a doctor about it if it really bothers you.

I used to sleep walk all the time, only in my house there were stairs...

Well to give your guy a little credit not many men can hit the toilet while awake. So be thankful it is atleast the right room.

Little4Bear 10

The right place, but the wrong spot... Be thankful? What if you woke up to go to the restroom and stepped all over the piss. Yeah, I'm sure you'd thank him for that pleasant surprise!

Yea I have woken to piss before. My brother used to piss down the stairs when he would sleep walk as well as on the kitchen floor.

Little4Bear 10

Well, give your brother a little credit. Most men go to the restroom and stuff but your brother's being creative! So be thankful.

imagineapc 11

I am a sleep walker. When I was 11 or 12 I tried to use the recliner as the toilet. My dad stopped me, told me to go back to bed, and a few minutes later I came out of my bedroom awake and used the toilet. Hardly a "your life sucks", its a natural phenomenon.

I used to sleep walk all the time , it's impressive that your boyfriend makes it to the bathroom!

CharresBarkrey 15

85 - Pretty sure the "bathroom rug" is in the bathroom...