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Today, my neighbors are moving. As we were saying our goodbyes, their 12-year-old son approached and thanked me for the times I forgot to shut the blinds and he watched me change. FML
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Well at least you will be missed by someone in that family.


william8691 10

Kids say the darndest things!

BryanThaMan 14

Couldn't agree more, but OP still deserved it :P

It is an awkward moment but she kind of deserved it. She's a grown woman and she was changing with the windows opened, it does not take a genius to figure out that people will stare. Specially if her window is in front of another.

Thank god my neighbors live a lake away =D

You should be grateful for the warning.

OP, you've done that boy a great service. Accept his gratitude!

I remember my first naked lady:) aww those were the days

dominic1221 6

Yeah, before the lengthy prison sentence, right? Hahaha.

This kid's gonna become another George McFly, climbing trees with binoculars in his new neighborhood to catch a glimpse of another girl haha :P

mckibabe 7

What I'd they have binoculars?

Vball6 19

Saw this on iFunny as a Facebook status. Haha.

Well at least you will be missed by someone in that family.

That kid is going to be really sad now that he doesn't have any women to look at. Oh well I guess he'll probably discover **** where he goes.

Unless he finds someone else to watch from his new bedroom window :S

RedPillSucks 31

Hopefully, he didn't take pictures and post them on Youtube. *I'll start the search right now*

ChannySai 7

77, You have no idea how well your default fits with the comment. Haha

I know. Lucky kid. Haha. But at least he seems like a very polite kid. So you have him a little show. No big deal as long as you didn't do anything other then change. And now you know to close your blinds!

mduffy08 8

"anything other then change."

sunnyt 5

Lol OP accidentally gave a 12 year old a strip show.

The kids got to learn "what those are" somehow lol

Why would a 12 year old boy be looking at a man naked? /).- and by the way, it's you're*. Trollololol...

william8691 10

And i hope you're a ******* genius. It shows her gender retard.

My cell doesn't show there gender. Lol.

At 11. Your comment goes perfectly with your profile picture haha

mylifesucks_fml 1

yup. its one thing that sucks about the app- you see comments and barely anything else

Cell phones do show their gender. I'm on mine. An how is this 'lol'?

4, I have the iPhone app. It shows the gender on the upper right corner of the FML.

I'm on the android app and it shows the gender too

This entire thread caused 2864 of my brain cells to die. I think I've forgotten how to tie my shoes thanks to you idiots.

45- You still managed to use better grammar than most people around here.

Wouldn't you have figured she was a woman in the first place? Why would you have thought otherwise?

BrittneyDea 5

Actually if you're not on an APP and just on the website on your doesn't show the gender, or even a username.

dominic1221 6

Huh, seems #12 & #57 have never heard of homosexuality. How cute.

gmc_blossom 21

What's this? It's actually possible for one to like another of the same gender? What is this madness? 0_0

McNerdyNerd 8

I'm on my phone and it doesn't show -_- and in their defense, it might have been hard to see a guys junk through the window? Idk, grasping at strings :D

I know you forgot to close the blinds but if you want to avoid this situation again you'll just have to close them, stick a note somewhere to remind you or something

no one who writes these is looking for advice

No one who writes a comment is looking for your snarky ass remarks either, yet we all got one. I happily took advice on my FML. Shows what you know, yeah?

Also, other people who didn't write the FML can go away and apply this advice to avoid having to write an FML in the first place. Since when is it a bad thing to hear new ideas for solving problems?

At least when you're feeling down you can remember someone thought you were hot enough to watch you change....right?

chocolatepandas 2

Even if it was a creepy 12-year-old... Nope. Nevermind.

sporty1200xlr 6

Just because he is 12 does not make him creepy, any boy that age would stare if given the opportunity. Now if he was 30 years and up and kept doing it and told you he did it, now that's creepy.

BeforeItWasCool 12

OP is not necessarily hot. Boys of that age are happy to watch anything with ****. You could be a complete dog, but if you're well off in the chest department, who cares what the rest of you looks like?

Regardless of his age, it's still pretty freaking creepy

Did his parents hear him say that?! He must be in biiiig trouble.

thats what i was wondering, his parents wouldn't have liked that!

Not if his dad watched with him. Or his mom if she rolls like that.

That's horrible. Any decent person would have the respect to look away...but then again, he's a 12 year old boy. Fyl.

flutter4 7

She should have the common knowledge not to change in front of an open window.

akg98 13

Im going into 8th gr and thts wat most of the guys would do

Did you kick him? Also, how can you be a grown up and completely unaware of how windows work?

So you would kick an underaged child in front of their parents?

shahs 3

No. But I'd kick if his parents weren't around.

neda389 0

hes prob sad hes more free shows for him

the_anti_hipster 7

Yeah! I wish there was a place you could go where people upload **** to a giant server and everyone across the world can watch it for FREE! Oh well. A girl can dream.

dlcj22 11
MassaKerr 9

90 - why not just google it? Im fairly certain thered be something along those lines

I know. Wouldn't it be cool if there was just a "hub" that people could upload **** to?