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  Syneriam  |  7

It is an awkward moment but she kind of deserved it. She's a grown woman and she was changing with the windows opened, it does not take a genius to figure out that people will stare. Specially if her window is in front of another.

  onlychildFTW  |  33

I know. Lucky kid. Haha. But at least he seems like a very polite kid. So you have him a little show. No big deal as long as you didn't do anything other then change. And now you know to close your blinds!

By  Bluefrog9636  |  7

I hope your a women, OP.

  eggmarie  |  25

No one who writes a comment is looking for your snarky ass remarks either, yet we all got one.

I happily took advice on my FML. Shows what you know, yeah?

  downtime  |  12

Also, other people who didn't write the FML can go away and apply this advice to avoid having to write an FML in the first place. Since when is it a bad thing to hear new ideas for solving problems?

  sporty1200xlr  |  6

Just because he is 12 does not make him creepy, any boy that age would stare if given the opportunity. Now if he was 30 years and up and kept doing it and told you he did it, now that's creepy.


OP is not necessarily hot. Boys of that age are happy to watch anything with tits. You could be a complete dog, but if you're well off in the chest department, who cares what the rest of you looks like?