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By ohcrap - 08/11/2012 01:41 - United States

Today, while I was sitting on the toilet, my toddler swung the door open. We just bought the house, and we have no curtains. Our new neighbor, who I haven't met, was mowing her yard. I stood half-naked to close the door, and our eyes met. I froze. She waved. FML
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gunmania0 12

That'd be kinda funny if his neighbors turned out to be swingers.

KiwiExchange 16

She must of liked what she saw.

I think this would be more of a FML if she had freaked out about it.. By the sound of this, she didn't seem to mind the view too much. Haha

Did you wave with upper and lower? Like a Champ!

I know right a woman who mows the lawn good first impression indeed.

alphaskater09 9

I do say my good sir that it is you that is the stupid one.

Dairyking 8

...Ignore this. I misread and am editing my comment.

OP should have. Sure it's a bit awkward but you must be polite to make a good impression. Am I the only one a but confused about this FML? If you are on the toilet why would the door open to the outside? Aren't bathroom doors interior doors. And why would a curtain go in front if the door? Either I'm reading this wrong or there's a wording problem.

DontModMeDammit 10

maybe the bathroom door opens to a big window? no curtains on the windows yet, not the shower.

isableha 9

23- My house was completely remodeled when we bought it and my bathroom door opens to the outside. I don't really know why, it's kind of an awkward set up. And my bathroom also opens into my living room where there are big windows next to the front door. So if you came out of the bathroom, the whole world could see you!

UncleMuscles 5

He shouldn't wave, he should helicopter his wiener to some heavy-metal.

The door led to the hall. The window to the outside is a few feet down the hall.

Actually, the way I read it was that when OP stood up from the toilet to close the door, his neighbor saw him through the bathroom window. Either that, or the neighbor had a clear view to the bathroom through the living room window.

44- wait, so that means you have to walk outside whenever you have to use the bathroom? That sounds very annoying

Driblets 8

I'm going to have my attempt at explaining since m. House is set up like this. The window has no curtain and (in my house at least) is in a room parallel to the bathroom making OP very visible in his half naked gory. :p

53, no she meant that the doors open outward, as in they swing from the bathroom when they're opened.

tmmundy 17

Ok well here is my attempt...in my house the bathroom doors swing out as well, and if someone was to open the bathroom door in the hall, everyone would see whoever was taking care of their business...so I can see how OP's incident happened.

Oh, my mistake. It was 7:00AM and I'm always stupid in the morning :) thanks for clarifying though

isableha 9

53- That would be very annoying. Haha. I just meant the door swings outward instead of inward.

You people have some weird ass bathrooms in your houses.

Finally some with an intelligent response.

Driblets 8

Holy shit... I'm starting to wonder I whenever I comment I should use the computer instead of the iPod because every comment I Make has a typo. My (not m.) and has (not ha) glory (not gory). P.S. I've triple checked this comment so no typos this time!

Driblets 8

Nevermind disregard the P.S. In that comment I ******* give up. Screw you iPod I'm not using you anymore.

Well that was an awkward "welcome to the neigjbourhood" meeting

FFS give a 14 year old Swede a break. Good luck spelling neighbourhood (yes, some of us add a U) in Swedish. Adding a smiley face at the end doesn't make your comment any less repugnant. End rant.

Agreed with #41, plus, I guess there are no special rules stating you should use either British or American English on the Internet?

NagainaFier 16

I think the main point snoopy was correcting was the 'j' instead of an h, which is an 'acceptable' mistake since the letters are right next to each other... But yes, give the 14 year old Swede a break. How many languages could you speak fluently at that age?

Besides, its not like I was being a jerk about the typo anyways.

lilpup45 6

I honestly don't think it was the "U," but obviously the "J"

theAnimalsPain 10

She seems like a cool neighbor.

BlackBlazeCobra 16

Definitely awkward, Invest in locks! Preferably child-proof.

Seems like your neighbor has a good sense of humor :P

xXHollowIchigoXx 17

I think she liked what she saw. ;)

I'll bet it's been awhile since she last got laid. :p

bRower 3

Now how did you jump to that assumption?

I think you haven'tt been laid in awhile either. Wait, i dont know if you have, I never assume anything. Little life lesson bud, assume nothing from everyone. Dont rely on the past

I wasn't exactly dead serious on that statement. Just thought of it as a possibility.