By Anonymous - 02/07/2016 04:17 - United States - Hayward

Today, after 3 days of interrupted sleep, I confronted my new neighbor about the noise his wife keeps making during their "private time". He then let me know the noise is actually from his daughter, who's mentally disabled and isn't taking the move well. FML
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No way you could've known OP. Don't be too hard on yourself


No way you could've known OP. Don't be too hard on yourself

just ask him if he any duct tape he can use

Poor girl! I would suggest some earplugs, I'm sure she'll adjust to her new home soon enough.

Give it a bit of time for their daughter to adjust and soon you'll have your peace and quiet back. Don't beat yourself up, OP. There was no way to know.

I lol'd at this FML. Don't even lie, I know some of you did too.

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This isn't even funny.. unless you have a pretty twisted sense of humor, I guess.

Hell yeah it was funny ? **** that whiny bitch

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Sorry for both you and the girl! My neighbors have a child who throws temper tantrums for hours at a time. I got an air purifier that knocks out the sound with beautiful white noise! That's a good option for people who don't like or want earplugs.

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No way to have known I suppose, but maybe it'd be better in the future not to assume and make accusations about things - just to avoid conversation that can turn a little uncomfortable like this one. Best of luck getting back on your sleep schedule though OP, hopefully she'll adjust soon or you'll find a better way to sleep!

I don't see why you're being downvoted I said the same thing...I mean yes I feel bad for OP but in a way it kind of is his own fault for just assuming things.

I feel bad for the girl, but at the same time op shouldn't suffer because other people have problems they can't fix.

Every conversation has the possibility to become awkward. So OP, the best thing to do is become a shut-in and never talk to anyone so you don't have to risk it.

just another example of how our assumptions can be wrong sometimes, but as people have already said don't be hard on yourself, could've happened to anyone

Just apologize and slink away. I'm sure he won't hold it against you.

No need for slinking, there was no way OP could have known, and I'm sure the neighbor knew that. The way it's described in the FML the neighbor didn't seem too upset or mad about it. Just apologize and I'm sure everything will be fine (and hell, OP got to know their new neighbors a little better).