By octoberrain - 12/10/2011 15:41 - United States
Today, my upstairs neighbor was leaving the parking lot, and stopped to wave. I smiled and waved back, only to realize that she was saying goodbye to her cat, who was sitting in the window. FML
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  je_suis_fml  |  11

if I point out that I recognize this name, octoberrain, from the fml the other day where her sister laughed and couldn't believe the guy she brought home was her man, does that mean I'm on here waaaaaay too much?

  scrapmetal58  |  9

I say bye to my cat and chinchilla. This is my spiel: "Bye you guys. Love you. Be good. See you in a while." or some variation thereof. I wave bye to my cat if he's present. :)