By Johnvris - 08/07/2015 14:44 - Aruba - Oranjestad

Today, I told my boyfriend how my mom died when I was 11 after crashing her car into a tree at night. He muttered "Women drivers." FML
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Johnvris tells us more.

Yeah it sucks but he apologized for his insensitivity and we're still together.

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He is the physical embodiment of insensitivity.

poppunkette 22

I'm sorry to hear op. And he may have been trying to be funny but it was a pretty messed up joke on his end.


He is the physical embodiment of insensitivity.

ExtremeEncounter 32

Yeah, that's REALLY messed up. Oddly enough, I had a friend who's mom died by crashing into a tree at night when he was 11, though he didn't very much like her. It's as if he was glad she died.

The plot twist at the end of that little story has apparently offended quite a few people.

according to op's user name, he has been accurately dumped for being an insensitive douche

ExtremeEncounter 32

46 Indeed it seems.

poppunkette 22

I'm sorry to hear op. And he may have been trying to be funny but it was a pretty messed up joke on his end.

splinteredApple 36

Fun fact: most car related accidents are caused by males.

Sadly, some of us picked a bad lifetime to be one…

Aky0n 10

Bullshit. Males drive 60% more and still get into less accidents.

I'd love to know where you got your stats from #71.

Id love to see where 27 got his too. If we are gonna attempt to be logical and use numbers it cant be bullshit made up on the fly

Yes males are involved in more accidents but males do drive more and when you put them in comparison women are more at risk to be in an accident behind the wheel. Pretty much anything you google that explains why they say what they do will say men are involved in more accidents but its explained that women are more at risk. I can provide proof but nobody will believe anything that's on the internet if it goes against what they say claiming they cant validate that source or something.

Prove him right, run him over?

Glad you left him OP. Good call.

Why does this have so many down votes?

JustinJK 21

A lot of people make jokes in poor taste as a coping mechanism. Maybe the information made the OP's bf emotional/sad/uncomfortable etc. Societally speaking men aren't taught how to deal with emotions. We have to be "strong". For example when we were carrying my grandmother's casket, my cousin tripped and almost dropped his part. I just started laughing. Obviously not the right response, but in that moment it was all I could do. It might seem insensitive, but maybe the boyfriend isn't sure how to appropriately process the information. She should just talk to him. If he doesn't see what he did wrong, then yes maybe.

Dumping him would he a bit extreme in this situation..

Too late for that #42. I think she did the right thing.

why dump somebody over a single comment? seems kinda harsh

Judging by the username, my guess is he is dumped.

Yes, why dump someone when they make an insensitive comment about op's mother being a bad driver and it caused her death. Op lost her mother, do you realize how hard that must be? Some douche adding to the pain, awkward accident or not, should be dumped.

Sure he might have a sick sense of humor and this was an attempt at a joke, but it doesn't really excuse it. He's been on this planet long enough to know what's insensitive and this was very much so. FYL OP. I can only assume from your username that you are single so if you are, good on you for ending it with him, everyone has their boundaries.

Joke or not, that was pretty insensitive of your boyfriend (although the username leads me to believe he is no longer your boyfriend).

at least someone said it

flyingfish1 3

Your username is perfect, what an arsehole

I would assume so based on their name. Edit: You edited your comment, I don't wanna look like a moron. :P

flyingfish1 3

Haha, yeah, I realised immediately after I posted! XD

I take it your OP's boyfriend 5