By WeakerThanaLittleGirl - 05/02/2013 01:00 - United States

Today, after weeks of practice, I proudly did 9 chin-ups on my chin-up bar. As soon as I was done, my 11-year-old daughter came over and banged out 12 of them. Then she wiped her sweaty hands off and did 8 more. Then she gave me pointers on my technique. FML
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Damn. Kids. Keeping it real since 1873.

Imhere4fml 24

Well she does have years of practice on those monkey bars compared to your few weeks... Don't feel to bad OP.


Damn. Kids. Keeping it real since 1873.

Way to blow first comment, make a joke nobody will get. OP it's easier for a little girl to pull her own weight than a full adults, don't feel ashamed.

I'm actually recovering from a cystectomy done on my tailbone on friday, so yeah.... Extreme butthurt :( BUTT HOW DID YOU KNOW?

I know I didn't get 1's alleged joke. I take it 24 understood the reference, though.

It seems to me that 39 nobodies got it, or at least appreciated it.

Oohhhh :( I know how that feels, I had to undergo it twice.. Shit is painful as hell.. Good luck on recovering!

Well the daughter probably weighs like 80 pounds, so it's easier for her to do chin ups than it is for a full grown man.

#17 is absolutely right. She only has to lift up a child. You have to lift up a whole adult. Besides that, there's always going to be people who perform better than you - improving yourself isn't about them. That being said, don't sell your daughter short as a "weak little girl". What expectations for herself do you think you're setting up with that kind of talk?

Pull ups are about percentage of body weight her muscles couldn't pull up a 200lb dude sure but they also couldn't walk as one or anything else... Relative to her dad she's in better shape but she's also young and active.

Lant 6

None of my friends cant even do one and we are all 21, 20 so i have respect for him just for doing what he did

easyprey 8

Simple solution, move the bar higher so she can't reach it.

BlueFlatts 20

That's sad if you can't do one at the age of 20, unless you and all of your friends have some un-controllable health issues. Unlikely.

All those people saying she only has a little girls weight to pull up instead of a full grown mans, she also has the muscles of a little girl. If this FML is true, that little girl is something else.

I'm sorry OP, but this is a wake up call and for you to get encouraged to do better. Listen to your daughter.

He did say this was after weeks of practice so he's already decided to get up and get active.

Imhere4fml 24

Well she does have years of practice on those monkey bars compared to your few weeks... Don't feel to bad OP.

oj101 33

Also, adults are a lot heavier and are more in proportion whereas children can more easily do it due to long arms and a high centre of gravity.

I would've thought short arms would help for pull ups. It's simply strength:weight ratio. I remember being able to pump out the pull ups when I was a child also, and I can tell you that it's much harder now. And I'm probably more active now than then. Anyway, 9 isn't too bad at all OP.

That is true, I could easily do chin ups when I was much younger, around 9 or so. Now I can barely do one...

saIty 17

Do you know what's more impressive? Dick push ups. Yup I don't mean to brag but my records two.. Ya.. I'ma badass.

She'll get her period then we will see who can do more pull ups

chlorinegreen 27

What does a period have to do with pull ups? Just curious.

So when she gets her period she will suddenly not be able to do chin ups anymore?

therealafroninga 10

Idk but I think they could have meant wait until she hits puberty? When I was in elementary school I could easily do 20 pull ups and now I'm 16 and can't even do 1 pull up(I am not fat at all and am athletic). Hips/boobs apparently are supposed to hinder your ability to do pull ups...

Cramps and being crabby and kinda lazy i guess

Might want to invest in her. She could turn out to be something great.

It's MUCH easier to do chin/pull ups as a kid. I used to be the same way.

It's because they have less weight to pull up.

Haha yea I totally agree lol when i was 10 I beat the whole grades record making 37!! Wow hah now I'm pretty sure I cant even do 1.....ahhhh, the glory days.....