By WeakerThanaLittleGirl - United States
Today, after weeks of practice, I proudly did 9 chin-ups on my chin-up bar. As soon as I was done, my 11-year-old daughter came over and banged out 12 of them. Then she wiped her sweaty hands off and did 8 more. Then she gave me pointers on my technique. FML
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  boofgall  |  16

Way to blow first comment, make a joke nobody will get.
OP it's easier for a little girl to pull her own weight than a full adults, don't feel ashamed.

  mudkipsan  |  19

#17 is absolutely right. She only has to lift up a child. You have to lift up a whole adult. Besides that, there's always going to be people who perform better than you - improving yourself isn't about them.

That being said, don't sell your daughter short as a "weak little girl". What expectations for herself do you think you're setting up with that kind of talk?

  etchsanity1  |  11

Pull ups are about percentage of body weight her muscles couldn't pull up a 200lb dude sure but they also couldn't walk as one or anything else... Relative to her dad she's in better shape but she's also young and active.

  geko911  |  22

All those people saying she only has a little girls weight to pull up instead of a full grown mans, she also has the muscles of a little girl. If this FML is true, that little girl is something else.

  oj101  |  33

Also, adults are a lot heavier and are more in proportion whereas children can more easily do it due to long arms and a high centre of gravity.

  kwyk  |  23

I would've thought short arms would help for pull ups. It's simply strength:weight ratio. I remember being able to pump out the pull ups when I was a child also, and I can tell you that it's much harder now. And I'm probably more active now than then. Anyway, 9 isn't too bad at all OP.

  piff7  |  14

Idk but I think they could have meant wait until she hits puberty? When I was in elementary school I could easily do 20 pull ups and now I'm 16 and can't even do 1 pull up(I am not fat at all and am athletic). Hips/boobs apparently are supposed to hinder your ability to do pull ups...

  ahc123  |  4

Haha yea I totally agree lol when i was 10 I beat the whole grades record making 37!! Wow hah now I'm pretty sure I cant even do 1.....ahhhh, the glory days.....