By damnit - 27/10/2008 09:08 - United States

Today, it appears that my girlfriend visited an internet web page called "How to confess to having an affair." FML
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Was leaving the browser open on that website one of the suggestions?


Well an affair technically takes place during marriage. She might just be visiting out of interest. Women...drama queens...-_-

Well she wants to come clean thats a good sign. Give her a chance.

Find out if shes cheating and if so, dump her like a bag of shit

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Tell her "Oh good! I wondered why you didn't ask about the herpes I gave you from Stephine!" With a huge smile on your face. Unless her name is Stephine lol! She will get it checked out and realize neither of you have herpes, unless you do lol

ck12 0

Was leaving the browser open on that website one of the suggestions?

She might have been trying to see if you were stalking her... If that was in her history, she's got her answer now... And you are single, FREAK!

Looking at internet history that may be of a shared computer= Stalking?

Wow, girls really research this.

why were you checking her history? i hate when guys do that. Like, even if you thought she was cheating, ask. Don't do that. it's kinda dumb.

I get the idea he had no clue, and by using his girlfriends computer (whether at her house to use youtube or living with her and using the same computer) he came across it

What a smart idea. Ask! Really? Ask? Are you stupid? If someone was cheating on someone why in the world would they confess that they are cheating. Idiot.

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If she was looking at a site about how to confess, it's a good bet she would own up if he asked her.