By goincrazy - 16/07/2012 08:12 - United States - Milwaukee

Today, my thoughts that I'm going crazy were confirmed when I got into the shower with my socks on. The worst part is that I didn't realize it for a good five minutes. FML
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You're not necessarily going crazy. You may just be a little bit absent-minded.

You're not going crazy, it probably happened because you were tired.


You might as well have comented "first"

You're not necessarily going crazy. You may just be a little bit absent-minded.

Or failing to exercise the little somethings stored in the head that we call brain cells.

Unless his socks were on his ears. Then he might be a little crazy.

Or perhaps your socks were wet before going in.

signs of Alzheimer's. get it checked, the earlier the better

Or ur married.

How is this an fml situation ?

Jokes on you ALL, he took a 2 minute shower.

73 - Idiot. The FML states he took a shower that was at least five minutes long. Learn to read.

Well OP is losing his mind. His absent-mindedness comes from the fact that he is "losing" it.

39- having wet socks would be even more of a reminder... Op i use to do that with my underwear every now and then but I was like 8 or 9 then

I do this with my glasses all the time. -.-

One time I went in with my bra an didn't realize for a minute or two so it's not totally weird..

I think we've all done something weird once in our life that made us think we were losing the plot. I once turned the house upsidedown searching for something, only to find I had it in my hand the entire time *facepalms*. Yes, the brain can fail you sometimes.

I've gone into the shower with my socks on before. Also with my glasses on, but that becomes apparent very quickly because I can't see O.o

Ya I've done that too But agreed with #2

Your not crazy, you probably just had other things on your mind.

Yeah like taking off his pants

Or her pants...

OP was busy focusing on his "private shower time".

76- "Private shower time" is certainly a serious matter, can't blame them for forgetting to lose the socks due to their excitement. ;)

now yo socks are wet.

i didnt mean to write that

You're not going crazy, it probably happened because you were tired.

Crazy? Or in desperate need of coffee? Invest in a good coffee brewer and save your socks.

OP isn't crazy. I did this when I was very tired. Happens to people more often then you'd think. I noticed sooner though. That's the difference.

Maybe the voices in op's head said to go in with socks on.

I do that all the time with my glasses on.

I do too, then I wonder why my eyes are getting wet and streaky.

I always do it with my bra on. One time I didn't even realize it until I stepped out of the shower.

Haha, I was about to write the same thing xD It just feels so natural.

Get a therapist though if you actually think your going crazy. But I've gone in the shower with my socks on but I realized immediately.

well now your socks got washed ;) good came out of it

*Squish squish squish* Omg I'm home alone and I think I hear footsteps... This is how I die *5 min later* I'm wearing my socks...

*meme face* "Are you fucking kidding me?"