By Lio - 12/11/2008 05:25 - France

Today, thinking I was being very generous, I lent my jacket to my new co-worker. I guess I should have checked my pockets before I did, I’m not sure that leaving 3 different flavors of condoms in them made a good impression. FML
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The last frame of this cartoon is truly disturbing..


vvvalori 0

But that comic looks nothing like the FML! lol still good :)

When did all the comics become exactly word for word to the FML? They're still funny tho =D

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you can have banana i hade buhnanna lol lmao!! FYL funny comic and the comic chars expressions

at 59, the FML's comics don't have to look exactly like the FML, but i would imagine that it SHOULD be from the same point of view. The comic gives the point of view of the borrower, not the lender. The FML's point of view is that of the lender. But i still love the comic. Especially the ending. XDDD

... is possibly the best reply ever.

Well, the artist may have interpreted it as being worse for the borrower than the lender.

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The comic is an epic win! Yah, the last panel is a, but still very funny. This cartoon dosn't go out of its way like the last one. Good job!

The last one was done by the same person who does Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal. Not all of his comics are so epicly long, though.

i agreeee wit your comment. i'm guessing it most def turned his male co-worker on LOL

i think this is funnier than the actual FML.

But its the wrong way round though? I thought he gave the new guy a jacket, not the new guy gave him a jacket?

Yeah... Weird... I guess he did it without thinking much and didn't realize he got it wrong, either way it got the point across! It's the OP's fault for leaving them there so...

lol XD I thought the comic was very good. Granted in the FML the OP was the one lending the Jacket to the new guy who had the condoms in the pocket and in the drawing the OP was recieving the jacket but it was still funny and well drawn "I hade Bunama" XD. Might be the only way those condoms get used.

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I hope he didn't get the wrong idea and now thinks you want to **** him up the butt...

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Why would you bring three condoms to work! I mean one in your wallet should suffice! Why on earth would you have all three in your pockets!

what if he gets drunk and finds a girl. XD

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you are not suppose to put condoms in your wallet. they are more likely to break that way.

totally agrre about the wallet thing. has any one ever read the instruction on the box. it specifically says DO NOT PLACE/KEEP IN WALLET (something along those lines)

I think xMooMoox might find out the hard way (via unwanted pregnancy) WHY they're not to be kept in a wallet under any circumstamces. XD

You gotta nail the hot office ass, of course.

putting them in your wallet is NOT good at all. the heat kills the spermicide and the bending can make them bend and tear without you knowing it

But hey, perhaps we can all read about it later! From here. So let the guy keep them in his wallet.

Actually, most condoms aren't spermicidal. The heat just makes the latex brittle so they are more likely to break.

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It could brake and and now he is sure not to be **** blocked!!

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Banana-Rama, Foamy Root Beer, and Bustin' Cherries.

in the FML the OP gives the new guy the jacket..but here the new guy is the OP and the new guy gives the other guy the jacket..who ends up being the OP saying FML. wait. what? *edit: i didn't mean for this to be a reply

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The OP is actually the new guy I think and he has new co-workers. As in new to him. He is still the new guy though.

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Maybe he thought you were cool...?

The real question is, are you a boy or a girl. This could completely change how to look at this FML. But either way, why were they in your pocket?

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You must 1. Be really busy wit ur bf. Or 2. A ptostitue

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# 6 ummm since when did 1 year old have sex that was retarted to say

He said one and two. Two options, not one year old. Maybe you're "retarted." Awesome illustration.

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It's blondes like you that give us a terrible reputation of being incompetent and illiterate!!

leave it to a frenchie to use condoms.