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Today, I woke up in an amazing mood and practically jumped out of bed, only to fall flat on my face. In my half-asleep daze I'd forgotten that I'm missing a leg. FML

By 4lphaNum3R1c4l - / Thursday 23 August 2018 13:30 / United Kingdom - Feltham
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By  CharlesEmersonW  |  31

I'm not even sure how that could happen. The only time you should jump out of bed so fast is when the germans decide to invade your country. otherwise take it easy, you'll give yourself a head-rush

  Nadine  |  20

You took the words out of my mouth. I was going to say I Can't Stand Leg Puns has competition. 🤷🏽‍♀️

Heya, OP here! To those of you wondering, yes this is actually mine. Believe it or not, I actually "posted" this a whiiiiiile ago, before I made this new username, it just took ages for you all to see it.
Anyways, basically I woke up happy but still half asleep, like the feeling when you're not even sure if you're awake yet, what's dream and what's real, etc. And in any dreams I still have my leg, so it wasn't at the top of my mind when I got up. Practically leaped out of bed, and realized Ol' Lefty wasn't there to catch me, so I fell to my side and smacked my face into the floor. That sure woke me up! But I was fine, no lasting injuries.


I was crossing the road with right-of-way, and a speeding vehicle hit my leg mid-step, practically tearing it off with sheer force. I was thrown a few meters, had several compound fractures (bone sticking out of the skin), and a lot of the bone was basically in splinters, so it was amputated above the knee. However, generally don't ask strangers that sort of thing, because they may take offense to it, and believe me, I hear it so much that the question drives me insane.

  Akitakat  |  30

With your humor, I’d make up crazy stories for their nosiness. Say... well, I once saw someone on the street who lost their leg & stupidly ask them how it happened... now I know & so will you.

By  ohsnapword  |  21

That kid stole it!