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Today, my mum accused me of doing heroin because some teaspoons had gone missing. FML
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this is priceless :P my mom accused me of being gay because I accidentally slapped her bf's ass xD

Isn't heroin done through needles? o.O


Stop doing crack! --Before anyone jumps down my throat...and so very obviously tells me it says heroin in the FML. Crack is also generally heated up in spoons. Eff off.

That's like saying onion rings and fries are the same because they were both deep fried... So no, she didn't do crack, she did (not) do heroin.

No one....DID anything? Can you read? The OP was accused of doing heroin....because spoons were missing. A-C-C-U-S-E-D. I teased the OP and told them to stop doing crack....which is also something that could be heated up in a spoon. So I A-C-C-U-S-E-D in a way also. Are you retarded or illiterate...I cannot decide, enlighten me?

OneLittleAdditio 9

wow 14 did u not see that he had the word "not" in parentheses? I guess the question would be are YOU illiterate?

Actually I did see the word not. But they also used the word didn't with crack. Wouldn't it be the SAME idea...the OP didn't do heroin either, their mother only accused them. Same as me accusing them of doing crack. Are you also illiterate? Please reread what I said a few times, slowly, if you did not understand.

Word of advice, sweetie: If you have to justify a joke in the same sentence as making it, it probably isnt all that funny. However, making an ass of yourself while defending it vocally like a rabid chihuahua is good for a larff... Carry on!

#28! You got it. Finally someone who understood. Lol.

FYI #26. I had to justify it because I know most of my audience here are complete babbling idiots. I doubt I would have had to explain if I knew most people would have understood...but I made my joke anyways. I'm sure the people who got it on the first go found it FUNNY, in the least amusing. :)

Actually, no, it really wasn't that funny. .-.

I am calm. I'm pretty sure I sounded pretty calm in my last two responses. Why....don't you calm down first, lil' fella?

I used "didn't" with crack because the FML didn't say crack; you assumed I did to refer to your original post. I'm a bit sad to see that I can't be both illiterate (when I can read the FML and your comment) AND retarded (when I use punctuations and grammar). May I add that using retarded is politically incorrect? Unless you really do mean that I'm special :) Then thanks, but I wouldn't be on here anyways :D

Yes, you are very special. Fyi, I've said my piece I found it a little amusing, obviously you didn't see the relation.

To each his/her own. Anyways, successful troll is successful.

I'm calling idiot, for not being able to decipher from a s and z. "@Geak" What is a geak? >.

*grabs popcorn*. We have an epic FML battle brewing! Today's match is Illiterate Retard vs. Thundercunt! Hold on to your seats!:) And btw, if she's like the cookie monster maybe she was secretly cooking dough on the can.:p

Yes beware the Geak. Not only is it intellectually superior but it can peck your ******* eyes out too!

who the he'll heats up crack with a spoon

pretty sure they have crack pipes for that though

Uhm.... Every fiending Crack addict I've ever known? Are you new?

No..the Crack pipe is to smoke the end product. .... Are you serious? --Though newbies are sold crack straight up so I can see your view on this.

I'm just going to sit back and watch...I am that starved for entertainment at the moment.

do u smoke crack? are you a crack baby?

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^Grammar twat^ *sips on tea and adjusts monocle*

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what exactly is a "combo breaker"?

You're not really doing a good job.

Kritz, judging from your posts and your shrunken down avatar I thought you were a dude, but then I viewed your profile and realized I was horribly mistaken.

Awesome? I didn't know there were supposed to be gender roles assigned to response type. Should I be girly and pull in a few 'likes' and 'totally!' 's into my post?

Take it as a compliment. What you suggested would be a surefire way to express your femininity, however it would damage your credibility entirely.

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C-C-C Combo breaker breaking combo breakers!!!

Prankster7o7 5

108, that's an awesome belt buckle.

I'm sure the missing spoons weren't the only reason she asked you op, come now

hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah I love you.

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it's called a lava lamp you dumb bimbo

randomburger 7

No that's not a lava lamp dumbass

Sounds like your mum might be the one on drugs, OP...

Isn't heroin done through needles? o.O

Heated up usually on a spoon...with water from a solid form. Uninformed much? But is usually done through a needle....but you can't really shoot up a solid...can ya?

_Itz_Meena_ 0

uhm #8- not everyone knows how heroin is prepared.

why are you being so bitchy, sorry she does not do drugs and doesn't know everything about it..

I would just rather be informed then make a dumbass/ignorant comment. I do not do drugs either. Google. It is there for a reason.

Kritz, don't jump down people's throats because they don't know how illegal drugs are prepared. That's just asinine. However, you seem to be very well informed about the subject of preparing injectible illicit drugs. Certainly your knowledge is obtained from watching movies, right? Right?

OneLittleAdditio 9

Movies? What such movies show anyone preparing heroin? Just because I said I do not do drugs, doesn't give you a history of, well, my own history? But I've found people who have never touched a illegal substance in their lives have even SOME knowledge of how harder drugs are prepared.

kinga08 0

25, actually many movies show people preparing heroin. It's been a while since I've seen it, but Requiem for a Dream is one. And almost everyone I know has seen that movie. Google it.

Kritz, why the hell don't you just stop acting like a bitch? I asked a question because I didn't know. You don't have to go calling my comment ignorant just because I don't know how the hell people do heroin. Jeeze. Go get laid or something.

Kritz, why so hostile? this topic a sensitive one for you?

I actually do believe I have seen that movie. Not that I remember it further than his mother buying back her TV. To my knowledge it wasn't very mainstream when I had seen it and I doubt it is now.

JenL. Hunny, I wouldn't be 'naturally' immpregnated if I wasn't getting 'laid'. LOL. Kthx. ;)

Oh, and I'm supposed to know that you're 'naturally' impregnated*, right? Sure...

Obviously not? I wouldn't have had to mention it. Nor would you have told me to get laid initially if that were the case. Yes, I am over-explaining. You seem like you need it.

Sometimes when Doc owns people, I find it a little mean and unnecessary, but in this case, it was well-deserved. Seriously, Kritz, not to assume or anything, but if you're PMSing at the moment, it's probably not a great time to go on FML. You just end up looking like a tool. Unless, of course, you're not PMSing, in which case you really are just... y'know, a tool. Side note: I honestly can't tell if Kritz is poking her tongue out in that picture, or if that's her lip. Do I need my eyes checked?

Maybe you do need your eyes checked? No I'm not PMS'ing. But I am hormonal. Awes...but thanks for calling me a tool? That is such a cool and brand NEW insult...My my my. LOL.

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64- I asked that too. :P 18- I hope you realize MOST people have better things to do than research how drugs are prepared. just saying. I get what you were saying and everything but there's no need to be harsh.

Wow, Kritz, you're being so mature right now. Going around on FML and insulting people on their comments. You obviously have nothing better to do, but I will no longer be the one to give you anymore stupid entertainment. Good day, and good luck with your kid. I hope it doesn't turn out like you.

You're right. "Ignorant", "uninformed" and "dumbass" - these are much more original and witty.

Seriously Kritz, congratulations on the pregnancy and everything, but cut it out. I've seen probably a dozen posts from you today, and they're all either nasty or condescending or both. You're spreading more negative energy today than that goddamned Japanese nuclear power plant, so I think I speak for everyone (except you) when I respectfully request that you chill the **** out.

_Itz_Meena_ 0

64- I asked that too. 18- I hope you realize MOST people have better things to do than research how drugs are prepared. I get what you're saying and everything but there's no need to be harsh.

Wow this Kritz girl is worse than Hitler.

Damn my phone. Everyone replies so much faster than me. Jen has some good points, and 73, I'm glad it's not just me. For the second time today, I think Doc's comment says it all.

Kritz, with your personality the luckiest thing that could happen for your child is a miscarriage

_Itz_Meena_ 0

88- that's going way to far. /: even if she is being really bitchy.

Lol. Oh yes and the luckiest thing about you today is going to be your shitty Karma. Go ahead and insult me as you much as you want, I've thrown around insults of my own. But to hope for me to miscarriage my child? That tops it all with the harshness. Aren't you just a cheery little chap today too, eh?

_Itz_Meena_ 0

94- I'll be the first to admit, I'm ignorant about a lot of things, drugs included. I don't take it as an insult, it's the truth for me. but congrats about the baby. :)

Thank you. I did say a lot of things with bitchy intent. But then again...none of it warranted ANYONE to hope for me to miscarry my child.

_Itz_Meena_ 0

yeah true. hoping someone miscarries is straight up cruel!

STP907 8

You have to melt it on a spoon first to put it into the needle. Heroin usually comes in a powder like substance before you heat it. By turning it into a liquid you can inject it.

You are so late on this explanation. But then again...most of the comments have been deleted.

Thanks, 102. Glad to see that there are still people out there who share knowledge without being stuck up.

BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.. hahahahahahahaha. You sound pretty stuck up right there, kiddo. Can you tell one of your minions again to tell me to miscarry my child? Yeah...I might have given you a "stuck-up" response but I didn't wish death on a human life. ;)

ohthebloodygore 16

102, not always. You could always mix it with water or acid(depends on what sort you're using) Could be heated up after to body temperature but for extreme addicts it usually isn't heated up. OP, I extremely doubt your mum just instantly accused you of drug use because spoons were missing. Is she also going to accuse you of drug use when all the aluminium is gone? You must have done something to make her so paranoid. If you haven't, then FYL.

131, Look at 136 and become sad again.

yeah agree with 136 if you didn't then she is really paranoid

i use a plastic spork when i use herion, but thats just becuse my roommate is crazy about his silverwere.

sovetskiy 8

do you wanna shut up? at least 102 cares to educate himself before he speaks so he doesnt sound like an ignorant ass

sovetskiy 8

that was at 123 by the way...

No, she's probably just paranoid. My mom thought I was doing heroine once because, even though you're not suppose to put it on sensitive areas, I put IcyHot on my inner arm, because I considered the pain worse than the consequences. My arm was red for quite a while. That was all it took.. no evidence of puncture wounds, just redness. She also has accused me of asphyxiating myself multiple times, because I had a migraine. Yeah.. it was something she saw on the news.

hxcsimba 0

u cook the heroin on spoones with water before u injected it

godisnowhere41 5

it's not like the plastic would melt or anything...

says a lot about the mother ... rofl

at least she didnt find the dead hooker.

rhpsfan9 10

lmao my mom always loses stuff and accuses other people for it but never assume it's drug use

A7X_LoVeee 10

LOLOLOL that was hilarious! /sarcasm

if u were on heroin u would "use" heroin not "do" herion, lol ur moms an idiot

Watch out...someone might jump down your throat for being so "knowledgeable" about drug use. OH MY! Bahahahaha.

SoundnVasion 0

Way to look for the tiniest mistakes to call somebody an idiot.

yeah I agree. I think it's quality the mum doesn't know "heroin" slang nor poster. people always over-analyse shit.

When writing you use "you" instead of "u"