By kelly - 21/03/2011 07:07 - Estonia

Today, I called my mom to tell her that I'm coming over for a visit. She answered: 'Why? What do you need? Food? Money? I'm not going to help you! You're a grown woman!' And she hung up. I just found out that I'm pregnant and she was the first person I wanted to share it with. FML
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Dont tell her, and then about a year after the baby is born, go over and see what happens.

Just go over there unannounced and inform her very calmly that you've decided to quit your job to become a lesbian stripper. After she's had her fit, yell "Just kidding! I'm pregnant!" She'll be so happy that she'll forget the whole food and money thing.


Bullshit, we all know you were gonna pull the "I'm pregnant and poor please pity me and take care of me" card. Every self-centered bitch does.

hey this is diablo, i like your pic.

So letting your parents know your preggo makes you a self-centered bitch? In most womens lives that's something that is planned for that they are proud of, not an excuse to be pitied.

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Okay, maybe "planned" wasn't the right word, but does that mean that every women that gets pregnant only did it because she wants pity from everyone around her?

Aw, moderated. You guys have no sense of humour. :(

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Odd, when my family calls to tell me that they're expecting the first thing they do after informing me is ask for food and money. Planning to be pregnant and family planning are very different things these days.

Congrats on the soon-to-be-baby:D

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I say YDI, because your mom should not have a reason to think that you want something from her everytime you talk to her. You clearly "borrow" money and never pay it back, and if you do pay it back, it's 8 months later. I have a grandmother that does this alot =.

The money still got paid back. Unless there is some kind of specific agreement about when the money is paid back the time frame doesn't matter. All that matters is that it was eventually paid back. It's always possible that is the soonest that they could return the money without having to borrow again.

well that's what you get for only calling when you need something. people seem to frown upon that, then again it's your freaking mom so fyl

Rocker_grunty 5

I love how u just assume this without knowing the real situation...

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I'd show up at her door step, tell her you're pregnant and that since she's a bitch she won't get to see the child. especially since they require money and food

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but did you want her to help?

Maybe OPs mom was the one who stole the teaspoons to do heroin, and that's why she's freaking out so much.

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damn nice inter-fml comment.

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JustinThunder 8

Obviously if she had to visit her mom she no longer lives at home. You can't just assume that OP is needy and was calling her mom for help.

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The mother assumes it so it must be true to some extent, and you don't have to be 18 to move away

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op should call back in seven or eight monthes when she's going into labour hahaha

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I don't know what mother would just drop their kids- adult or not. parents are parents for a reason. it's a lifelong responsibly. I know my parents would be there to help me when I'm in my 20's

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Why can't we just take the FML at face value? OP wanted to share the, presumably good, news with her mom. F OPs Life for having a mother who's so distant she wouldn't even let OP talk before jumping to conclusions.

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5- ha! I was 18 when I got knocked up and my mom won't babysit, give me money rides or nothing!! I love her to death though, it taught me how to grow up and were best friends!

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85 True that brother!!!

85 couldn't agree more

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36 So what? GOOD parents are always there for their kid no matter what the age.

It looks like #36 just layed down some serious pwnage on #2

I mean #85 to 36

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Y'all don't get it do you? let me spell it out for you... if you cannot take care of a child, then you do not need to have sex, and honestly 85 I don't give a crap what your parents did/do for your brother. It has nothing to do with the obvious that op asks her mom for too much when she is supposed to be on her own

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and love how y'all are all 'well a good parent would do this', um where did I say anything about a good parent? we are talking about op n her mom not about your parents or a good parent or me for that matter. her mother does not have to do anything, n if all op calls her mom for is food or money then why wouldn't the mother assume that's what she wants now... 85 you keep rambling about little things that do not matter, look at the big picture (reread the original post), and you tell me who would ask their kid what they want now if their were not some truth behind the question...

I don't think she needs help but was so excited she wanted to tell her mom!!!

Your extremely judgemental!

& kind of a bitch, do you know op? No. So back the fuck off. Seriouslyy

That is bullshit, the mother might be crazy. Parents are not always right just by virtue of being a parent.

dang... FYL op :/ you could try calling again or leave a message.

Just come over to her place and share the good news!

lol, sorry. but I guess the saying is true... mothers know best .

they won't let u forget it either

So you DO need food and money?

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Did you not read the FML ......she wanted to share with her mom the fact that she was pregnant...she never wrote that she was asking for other things

TallMist 32

#200, you missed the joke.

Dont tell her, and then about a year after the baby is born, go over and see what happens.

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you need to go over and tell her that you are pregnant and that your mom is the first person you wanted to tell. She will do the rest because she will be damn embarrassed

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i agree. and to the OP, call her back tell her without letting her talk, and hang up. if she calls back feeling sorry, dont answer. you deserve better.

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family is always supposed to be there for you in my opinion. I know mine is ^.^

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mine is too:)

ad_astra_taurus 2

My parents let me move back in with them while I was struggling financially. I definitely do not take them for granted.

your profile is weird!

Just go over there unannounced and inform her very calmly that you've decided to quit your job to become a lesbian stripper. After she's had her fit, yell "Just kidding! I'm pregnant!" She'll be so happy that she'll forget the whole food and money thing.

Lol! Why can't your comments be on the top of the FML? It would brighten the mood a lot.