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  Xion0014  |  20

It says brunswick, any street that has the word "wick" at the end in NY is always a drug addicted area... Maybe it also applies to Canada?

  MRSwick2525  |  23

@#23 & #26, I have never heard such two stupid stereotypical comments in my life. In no way shape or form do I condone OP's Mother and Aunt's behavior at all. Actually it is extremely horrid and Op is far better off with out both of them, however most drug addicts are not Hooker's and not married or divorced. Some drug addicts are in very high positions in high paying jobs, most you wouldn't even know they are addicts and even more come from middle to upper class. But then again you are Teenager's who have no idea about the world or addiction yet. I strongly suggest you educate yourselves. OP keep your head up and please go to a safe environment. I hope things get better for you!!

  Phooey  |  22

I'm pretty sure it's not weed. Sounds like crack or heroin because weed make people get the giggles and relax. I've never seen a pothead act crazy after smoking.